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School Visitor Registration System

School visitor Registration System by VMS Singapore is very often a necessary high priority investment for schools in Singapore.
Especially in today’s heightened security environment, Each and every school and educational institutions at all levels need to put in place safeguards to ensure the safety and well-being of students, school administrators, teachers and external guest from undesirable visitors who are not welcomed.

Contrary to what most might think, an adequate and secure visitor management workflow process involves more than just getting the visitor to simply sign the visitor log book.
This is because, although a visitor sign-in log book is seen as a cheap, simple and serves the visitor management needs, the fact is that the use of a visitor sign-in log book exposes the school to a whole range of security risk and puts into question the schools’ professionalism.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of School Visitor Management System

Having a visitor sign-in system for school offers you many benefits, such as

1. Visitor Profile Screening

1. Visitor Profile Security Screening Against Watchlist Database

Security screening of visitor profile information collected against an internal database of blacklisted visitors. This helps to enable the school to automatically highlight to the front desk reception or security officer to deny entry, should a visitor is being identified as a blacklisted visitor
Some examples of blacklisted visitors that can be included in the database includes

 1. Visitors with a criminal history, which can make them a high-risk individual if they were to be allowed into a school environment
 2. Visitors who are parents or guardians, but are legally bounded by custodian agreements to not pick up their children
2. Tracking of Student Movement

2. Tracking of Student Movement in and out of School

Other Additional useful functional Features of the electronic visitor management system includes tracking of the student movement.
This is useful for the accounting of students who have to leave the school premises at timings other than the official reporting and dismissal time.

3. Time & Attendance Management

3. Visitor Time and Attendance Tracking & Management

In addition to visitor identification, the School visitor registration system is able to record hours clocked and attendance of volunteers and other staff members.

4. Access Control Integration

4. Integration with Security Access Control

If an existing security access control management system is already in place at your school, our visitor management software is able to integrate with your access control system so as to allow you to grant temporary access credential to visitors.
With this seamless integration between the visitor management system and the access control system, a traditionally 2 step process of visitor registration enrollment and issuing of temporary card access to visitors, can now be cut down to a simple 1 step process of just operating the visitor system each time a visitor arrives at your school entrance.
This helps to cut down on visitor wait time, increase workflow efficiency and prevent any human traffic congestion during peak hours.

An added benefit of access control integration with visitor management is that it allows for an independent and controlled movement of the visitor as they proceed into the building facility.
There is no need to worry that the visitor will stray into areas of the building which they are not authorized to enter as the access control system is designed to work with the visitor temporary access pass.
This helps to remove the need for the visitor to be escorted by a host employee.

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School Visitor Registration System

1. Visitor Profile Screening

2. Tracking of Student Movement

2. Tracking of Student Movement

3. Time & Attendance Management

3. Time & Attendance Management

4. Access Control Integration

4. Access Control Integration

Types of School Visitor Registration System

Our School visitor registration system is available in various setup such as

1. iPad Visitor Management System 

This iPad Check-In System is an unmanned reception solution for schools looking for a fully automated visitor management system.

2. Visitor Management Kiosk

Suitable for schools without a front desk reception and is in need of standalone visitor management solution. It is suitable for placement at the school entrance lobby or other points of entry.

3. Standard Visitor Registration System

A front desk visitor registration system consists of a PC setup with the visitor management software installed.
It is configured with various visitor management peripheral devices, such as the Web camera for visitor image capturing, badge pass printer for printing of temporary Visitor passes, and OCR scanner for capturing of visitor identity credentials.

How a School visitor Registration System Works  

The school visitor management software system is able to help you to automate the entire visitor registration process. This includes capturing the visitor’s credential information, conducting security screening of the visitor’s profile against an internal watch list database and finally the creation of a visitor identification badge pass for granting temporary access control into the building.

Here are the key major steps in the visitor registration process:

1. Scanning of Visitor’s Credential

1. Scanning of Visitor’s Identity Credential

Capturing of the visitor’s information can involve the use of various options, such as

1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner

An OCR scanning capability can be used for directly extracting information printed on official identity credentials, such as NRIC identity card, Driver’s license, or Name card. This helps to save visitor check-in time by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
In addition, the visitor’s photo can also be captured by the OCR scanning for use in the creation of the visitor identification badge pass.

2. 2D Barcode IR Scanner

Information can also be captured using the barcode reader for reading of 2D barcode commonly used at the back of credentials, such as NRIC and Driver’s license.

2. Inputing of Visitor Information

2. Entering of Additional Visitor Information

Note that apart from the visitor’s identification information, additional information can be entered into the system via drop-down menus or checkboxes included in the visitor registration management software interface.
This includes information such as

1. Purpose of visit
2. Name of host employee they are visiting
3. Company information
3. Visitor Badge Pass

3. Printing of Temporary Visitor Badge Pass

For purposes of easy visual identification all visitors that come to the school, visitors can be made to wear the visitor badge pass and lanyard before they are allowed access to the school premises.
The lanyards can be color-coded in various different style for easy differentiating between the different categories of visitors, such as Volunteers, Contractors, or Visiting parents.

4. Visitor Report Generation

4. Report Generation & Analysis of Daily Visitor Data Trends

The visitor management system software application has a report generation function to help you easily generate custom visitor reports.
This allows you to easily disseminate report information seamlessly to key stakeholders and allow for quick identification of trends and highlighting of operational areas that need improving.

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