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iPad Visitor Management System 

iPad Visitor Management System by VMS Singapore gives you a way to completely digitize, accelerate and streamline the visitor visit sign-in process without compromising on the safety & security of your employees, visitors and organizations alike.

Are you still using a visitor logbook to register your visitors?
As organizations grow, there will inevitably be challenges for companies to Manage the administrative Reporting and Control of the increased daily visitor flow at the front desk reception. This is where the use of an automated visitor management system can come in to provide a software app driven solution to solve this problem from an administrative point of view.

An iPad Visitor Management System is perfect for any types of business organizations, and have been successfully used in places such as health-care site facilities with multiple buildings, entrance location at schools, Lobby reception areas at Corporate company work facilities, Hospitality Services industry or essentially any place that has visitors, visiting contract staff, customer and contractor personnel.
Using a new capacitive touchscreen technology, you can get the smart tablet based visitor management product systems to easily do a self-check-in registration and fill up an online form without the need for help support from any human receptionist.

This electronic cloud-based system design can provide you enhanced efficiency and helps to significantly cut down on unnecessary Check-in wait time, Visitor credential data read, and Verification check process and eliminate any requirement for the reception man hour resources spent to facilitate and track the visitor check-in process.
The auto report database search feature also helps to prevent any possibility of a long line of queues & congestion in the event of a high visitor traffic at any given day.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of iPad Visitor Management System

1. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Processes

1. Efficient and Integrated Visitor Check-in Processes

When the visitor is successfully enrolled into the system, the visitor management system will instantly auto-generate and print out the visitor photo identity badge pass for the visitor. At the same time, the system will also electronically notifies the hosting employee of the visitor’s arrival via web mail or SMS alert, which is receivable via any internet connected mobile device or workstations. This quick notification feature allows you to quickly identify and recognize the visitor as he/she gains entry into the building facility.

Eliminate Visitor Wait Time

Visitors now can almost immediately be recognized, registered into the visitor management system, and given access authorization into the premises upon arrival at the building reception. The visitor management system achieves this by allowing visitors to do a Fast and Simple self-check-in using their own personal identity credential, such as using barcode scanning of their identity card, or through biometric methods of authentication.

2. Improve Front Office Productivity & Efficiency

2. Boost Front Office Administration Productivity & Efficiency

Eliminate constant interruptions, and allow front desk customer service reception to perform the task that they are supposed to perform, such as attending to phone calls, attending to visitor questions and queries.

Comprehensive Visitor Information Capture Capabilities

The iPad visitor management system is integrated with various input devices, such as a built-in camera to capture visitor facial image and capacitive touch screen to allow for the input of visitor signatures.

Instant Chat with Host Employee to Notify of Visitor Arrival

Through the iPad visitor management system, the visitor is able to instantly connect with their host via Webmail, instant messaging functionality built into the visitor user interface in the visitor management touch screen. This automated Host notification helps to eliminate the need for manual phone calls.

3. Customizable Visitor User Interface

3. Customizable Visitor Management User Interface

The visitor management software user interface can be easily customized to meet your visitor management needs. It can be tailored the to suit your specific usage condition to manage various types of visitors, such as external visitors, 3rd party service contractors, existing employees, students etc. Customizable Visitor Badge Printing Depending on your specific visitor management needs, the self-adhesive visitor badge pass can be easily customized using a graphical drag-and-drop badge customization tool to add and remove fields for the display of visitor information. This allows you to show on the visitor badge pass information such as

1. Visitor name
2. Photo
3. Hosting employee
4. Reason for visit

This customized self-adhesive visitor badge can quickly be printed within seconds using a badge printer and issued to visitor to allows them to be easily identified

4. Visitor NDAs & Legal Agreements

4. Obtain Visitor Official Acknowledgment on NDAs & Legal Agreements

During the visitor check-in, you are able to Display on the visitor management user interface you company’s Legal and security policies and agreements concerning the visitation such as

1. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
2. Terms & conditions of Visiting your premises
3. Health condition questionnaires
4. Legal Liability Waivers
5. Safety guideline briefing video — for this, safety videos can be showed to the visitor

The visitor official acknowledgment on the legal agreements can be obtained by getting them to sign on the capacitive touch screen to obtain their signature.

5. Facilitate Emergency Evacuation

5. Assist in Security Emergency Evacuation of Building

In the emergency scenario that the building facility must be evacuated, perhaps due to an outbreak of fire, or power failure, the iPad visitor management system can be used to precisely track in real-time the attendance and precise location of each and every visitors within the facility.
This helps to greatly assist rescuers and evacuation coordinators in dealing with emergency scenarios, by enabling them to execute a more efficient and thorough evacuation procedure.

Accurate Visitor Log and Evacuation Name list

An accurate and constantly updated visitor log from the iPad visitor management system provides you with the vital information that you need to efficiently keep track of everyone who enters and leaves your building facility. In the event of an urgent need for an emergency building evacuation, an evacuation name list can be quickly generated.

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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iPad Visitor Management System

1. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Processes

2. Boost Front Office Administration Productivity & Efficiency

2. Improve Front Office Productivity & Efficiency

3. Customizable Visitor Management User Interface

3. Customizable Visitor User Interface

4. Visitor NDAs & Legal Agreements

4. Visitor NDAs & Legal Agreements

5. Assist in Security Emergency Evacuation of Building

5. Facilitate Emergency Evacuation

Why Choose Us

1. Enhance Visitor Registration Experience

1. Positive Visitor Check-in Registration Experience

Having an iPad visitor management system, in the form of a registration station or a Standalone visitor management kiosk in place helps to give your front desk reception a Professional, Clean and Contemporary appearance.
It also helps to ensure that all visitor registration process is professionally handled to provide a Simple, smooth, and Quick visitor check-in experience. With an iPad visitor management system, you are now able to completely digitize and integrate the entire visitor self-registration workflow process.
This means that you are able to move away from using the unsecured, unreliable, conventional visitor log books which have to be manually filled up by the visitor themselves.
With such a high-tech reception visitor management solution in place, Visitors and guests can sign in efficiently using an interactive tablet display designed with a user-friendly user interface.
This helps to elevate the visitor interaction experience with your business, create a more sophisticated feel to the premises, and create a positive first impression with your visitors.

Visitor Pre-registration

The visitor management system is also able to allow you to Pre-register important visitors for an unhindered arrival check-in process to create a positive visitor experience.

Create a Winning first impression in Your Visitor that last

Visitors can check in easily using the modern interactive tablet display provided without compromising on the safety and security of your business. The elegant yet technologically advanced user interface sets the standard for a winning initial visitor interaction with your organization. Instead of needing the guest to sign in on a visitor log book, having a visitor management system at the reception helps to create a more secure and professional feel to the facility. This helps to create a great first impression of your company and sets the tone for a positive business interaction moving forward.

2. Elevate Your Corporate Brand Image

2. Customizable User Interface for Corporate Branding

Visitor management overall user interface and visitor greeting page can be easily customized to use your company Logo and corporate Branding color. This helps to create alignment and a sense of congruency with your company brand identity

3. Turn-key Visitor Management Solution

3. End-to-End Turn-key Visitor Management Solution

The iPad visitor management system comes complete with everything you need (iPad included) to get the system up and running after a simple to setup. This out-of-box turn-key functionality allows you to enjoy the convenience of a quick deployment within the same day of the setup

Scalable Deployment

The system has configuration options that are suitable for a Multi-office setup. This allows you to administratively manage the visitor registration, screening and granting of access control from one central location.

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