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Unmanned Reception Solutions

Unmanned Reception Solutions by VMS Singapore can then be used to provide effective access control management of visitor movement as well as help protect staff from any risk of physical harm.

On an everyday basis, companies and organizations are constantly faced with security risks and vulnerabilities, such as intrusion by outsiders who might have an intent to cause harm. Due to this, safe guarding the security of your employees, staff, and tenants in your office building is often the top primary concern for any corporate organizations and governmental establishments. To protect the safety and security of your employees, assets, and other physical installations in your property premises, an unmanned reception management solution functions as an effective first line of safeguard for your organization by preventing unauthorized access.


Overview Functions of an Unmanned Reception Solution

A comprehensive corporate unmanned reception solution offered by VMS Singapore is able to deliver a whole range of automated visitor management system functions. Depending on your reception management needs and security requirements, each of the functionality can be adapted to meet your unique needs. The key visitor management functions include:

1. Visitor enrollment into the visitor registration system upon arrival
2. Visitor Web-based Pre-registration
3. Screening of Visitor data against blacklist database of watchlisted persons
4. Tailored Visitor ID badge pass printing
5. Sending of Visitor arrival alert notification to host staff via SMS or Webmail receivable via internet connected mobile phone
6. Tracking of Visitor sign in, sign out visit status
7. Report generation of Visitor visit history details
8. Tracking Time & attendance of Staff and 3rd party service provider


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of Unmanned Reception Solutions

1. Front Desk Automation

1. Front Desk Visitor Registration Automation

Typically on a daily basis, your front office administration staff will be concurrently engaged with answering phone calls, attending to reception etiquette and assisting visitors in the manual registration of every visitor that comes through the entrance. However, with an unmanned reception management solution in place, it helps to provide a certain level of automation which allows your administrative staff to be not distracted from her main job task that she’s currently busy with.

Professional Visitor Business Interaction

Overall, this helps to save precious administrative time and modernize the visitor check-in process to create a winning first impression with the company. Having an unmanned reception management solution in place also helps to facilitate the creation of a positive and professional business interaction with your visitors, and also strengthen the safety and security of your people, assets, and organization.

Automate Creation of Temporary Replacement Staff Pass

The unmanned reception management system functions are not just restricted to the management of external visitors registration. In the event that an employee or student within the building has forgotten or lost his/her employee access pass, the reception visitor management kiosk station can also be used to automate the issuance of a temporary replacement employee ID access pass to be used for the day.

2. Quick & Accurate Visitor Information Capture

2. Accurate & Fast Capture of Visitor Information

By having an unmanned Reception management system in place, it allows the accurate capture of visitor’s detailed information within seconds, without the need for manual typing to input the information. An Unmanned Reception management solution also allows organizations of any size or any line of business to effectively manage who is allowed to be granted entry into their building premises.

3. Reduce Dependency on Staffing

3. Free up Reception Staff to improve Customer Service Level

Reduce Staffing Costs

Save employee hours and money for your organization by cutting down on the Administrative hours your front desk staff spends on reception etiquette and manually facilitating in the signing in of guest. As visitors are now able to self-help themselves using the high-tech interactive tablet display, it helps the front desk staff to be not distracted from her core tasks at hand, thus making sure that any visitor business interactions that is happening at the moment are not disrupted. If front desk officer is busy, the self-check-in kiosk can be configured to perform the task of greeting visitors and allow them to proceed with their own visitor enrollment. The interactive & user-friendly touchscreen allows the visitor to easily follow the on-screen prompts and produce their own visitor’s badge. Visitors can access company relevant information from the kiosk without the need for front desk staff assistance.

4. Access Control of Visitor Movement

4. Access Control of Visitor Movement to Safeguard Company Assets

With the business environment becoming highly interconnected and competitive these days, companies need to be vigilant when handling confidential business information, such as information about the company’s upcoming new products or project initiatives. Without a proper reception management system in place to manage the access control of visitors coming in and out of the building on a daily basis, company competitive information such as intellectual property, assets, and confidential records can easily be stumbled across and accessed by an outside visitor and potentially fall into the wrong hands.

5. Configurable & Easy to Use User Interface

5. Customizable & Intuitive Visitor User Interface

The input form on the visitor user interface of the unmanned visitor registration system can be easily configured and programmed to include any user information entry field base on the company requirement. In addition to capturing visitor personal identity information, the visitor user interface can also serve to display important visitor information, such as visitation terms and regulations, which the visitor has to review and accept before being granted entry access.

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Unmanned Reception Solutions

1. Front Desk Automation

2. Quick & Accurate Visitor Information Capture

2. Quick & Accurate Visitor Information Capture

3. Free up Reception Staff to improve Customer Service Level Reduce Staffing Costs

3. Reduce Dependency on Staffing

4. Access Control of Visitor Movement to Safeguard Company Assets

4. Access Control of Visitor Movement

5. Customizable & Intuitive Visitor User Interface

5. Configurable & Easy to Use User Interface

Why Choose Us

1. Self-serviced Visitor Registration

1. Self-serviced Visitor Registration Solution

The visitor self-registration station has a familiar, easy to use and assisted tablet user interface upon which the visitor can carry out their own self-registration upon arrival at the company reception. Such a visitor self-service feature is especially suitable for organizations with unmanned front desk reception (internal link: Unmanned reception solutions)

Reduces Workload of Front Desk Staff

Having a visitor self-service functionality helps to significantly cut down the work load dependency on your front desk security personnel. This reduces reliance on your employee for assisting in visitor registration helps to improve their production output.

Faster Visitor Enrollment Process

This do-it-yourself (DIY) visitor self-enrollment feature helps to greatly Simplify and shorten the visitor registration process. It enables visitors to quickly register, print out their own visitor pass upon sign in and automatically notify your hosting staff of their arrival.

Compact & Space Saving

A visitor self-registration station is generally smaller and can give you significant space saving advantages. It is especially suited for businesses which have a front desk reception with limited space area to fit in a standalone unmanned visitor management kiosk.

How it Works

1. Host employee pre-registers the visitor in Advance by simply accessing the web-based visitor registration platform application via their own computer.
2. Once the visitor has been officially registered into the visitor registration system, a confirmation email with the visitor’s uniquely issued registration number will be sent to the visitor.
3. During the visitor’s arrival at the company front desk lobby, the visitor will be guided to an intuitive, self-service tablet for enrolling themselves. The visitor simply has to key into the self-registration kiosk their Name & unique registration code in order to be properly identified.
4. Once the visitor authentication is successful, the visitor will be granted entry access into the facility.
An individualized temporary visitor badge pass will also be issued (which is printed on the spot).
2. Boost Visitor Enrollment Experience

2. Boost Positive Visitor Enrollment Experience

With a reception visitor management system, you are now able to completely digitize and streamline the entire visitor check-in process. This means that you are able to eliminate the unsecured, unreliable, paper based visitor log books which have to be manually handwritten by the visitor themselves. With such a high tech reception visitor management solution in place, Visitors and guests can sign in efficiently using an interactive touch screen display designed with intuitive user interface. This helps to enhance the visitor interaction experience with your company, create a more modern feel to the facility. Indirectly, this also helps to create a positive first impression on your visitors.

3. Secure Solution for Visitor Movement Management

3. Secure Solution for Managing Visitor Movement

Specifically designed to meet your broad range of security needs and requirements, these reception visitor management products can offer the ideal solution for an automated reception visitor management. This helps to safeguard the safety and security of your employees and visitors Whether you are presently using a paper based guest log book for visitor sign-in, have dedicated front desk reception customer service to assist in the enrollment and signing-in of arriving visitors, an unmanned reception visitor management solution offers you a reliable and professional solution to recognize, manage and monitor visitors in your company premises. With better visitor movement access control, it also helps to enhance building security and create a general sense of confidence in the daily visitor experience with your company.

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