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Visitor Registration System

Visitor Registration System is a management solution which is gaining widespread adoption among companies in Singapore.
In today’s competitive business environment, having a visitor management system to create a well-managed business interaction is crucial to creating a good first impression with your visitors, particularly with prospective customers and business associates.
Due to this, how you receive and manage your visitors at your lobby literally form their first impressions of your organization, which sets the tone for their upcoming visit meeting interaction with the organization.
With our VMS visitor sign in system solution, traditional paper log books are being replaced by a more modern high tech and secure visitor access control system.
Professional entry management solution such as visitor badge system and visitor pass management system can also help to project an appearance which is more in alignment with your organization’s corporate image.

Challenges of Visitor Management

On a daily basis, most companies in Singapore are faced with the challenge of having to deal with a large number of visitors traffic coming in and out of the building premises.
The types of visitors encountered are very diverse, and can include current and prospective clients, 3rd party contractors, overseas colleagues, Regular service maintenance staff, competitors, Government delegates, guests, friends and Family, and occasionally completely unknown personnel who just walk in on location during the day.

Base on the purpose of and reasons for their visit, not all visitors are to be granted entry.
In some cases, some visitors even need to be denied entry at the lobby, whereas other visitors need to be granted access to only specific areas within the building. There can also be variations in terms of their visitation duration, where some visitors are only visiting for a short duration, whereas others need to continue the visit daily for an extended period of time, for days and even weeks.
This is where a visitor identification system and a visitor tracking software can come in to manage and discern between the different type of visitors.

Theft of Private Visitor Information

Traditionally in the past, paper-based visitor tracking system solutions such as visitor log books are used to track, monitor and manage visitors and guest, whereby they are simply asked to hand write their personal data and details concerning the appointment on the normal paper log book.
Although it appears that this method is simple and get the job done, the use of a guest book provides little data security and can easily compromise the data confidentiality of the previous guest, as their personal data are left expose on the visitor book left out in the open at the guard house or front desk reception.
To make matters worse, in such as situation, confidential information, such as names of clients, details of client company names, Personal ID number, the phone number can all risk being leaked to possible competitors.
All this illustrates the need for an electronic visitor sign in system to securely store visitor confidential information.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Registration System

1. Enhance Security

2. Streamlined Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Streamlined Visitor Enrollment Process

3. First Impressions Do Count

3. First Impressions Do Count

4. Additional Line of Security Defense

4. Additional Line of Security Defense

5. Suitable for Managing Regular Visitors

5. Suitable for Managing Regular Visitors

6. Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

6. Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

7. Tailored Productivity Solution

7. Tailored Productivity Solution

Why Choose Us

1. Additional Line of Security Defense

1. Additional Layer of Security Safe Guard

Unverified Visitor Information

With conventional paper based guest log book, the guest is requested to provide details concerning the appointments by themselves. Because the details are provided on a self-declared basis and there is no reliable way of verification, illegitimate visitors who do not have a valid reason to enter the premises could, in fact, gain unregulated access throughout the premises with no question ask by simply falsifying information on the guest book. This security compromise is made worse by untidy scribble which is in most cases hard to interpret.

Visitor Security Screening

For security purposes, the visitor management software can screen visitor against an internal watch list of blacklisted people to deny visitors entry if deemed necessary. For restricted premises that need high-security clearance, an additional layer of background verification can be added to deny entry to banned visitors who should be refused access into the building. For an additional layer of security safe guard, the visitor management application has a built-in feature to allow the details of the volunteers to be cross referenced with a preexisting data records of the black-listed guest list to ensure that they are not banned from entering the premises.

2. Streamlined Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Streamlined & Simplify Visitor Enrollment Process

Our VMS system is a user-friendly visitor authentication and monitoring solution that helps you to streamline the visitor check in and check out process at your building facilities.
To register a guest into the system database when the visitor checks into your organization the very first time, the system features a number of visitor information capturing options, such as

1. Barcode scanning

Simple and quick electronic scanning of guest Identity Card (such as NRIC, driver’s license or worker’s permit) with a barcode reader. Usually, it takes approximately 2 ~ 4 seconds

2. OCR Scanning

Reading of Identity card using an imaging scanner with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.
This allows for a comprehensive extraction of visitor details if required.

3. Face Imaging

Image capturing of the visitor’s facial features using an integrated web-camera. This helps to assist in the easy visual identification, tracking, and recording of the visitor’s details.
All this allows you to cut down and reduce the visitor wait time by removing the need for manual human input of visitor data
which significantly helps to cut down on the check in the time needed without compromising on the security of your company.
Whenever the visitor visits again the next time, the guest simply has to scan his Identity card using the Barcode scanner, and the previously stored visitor data will automatically be displayed on the visitor management dashboard.

3. Customized Productivity Solution

3. Tailored & Customized Productivity Solution Tool

VMS system is a comprehensive, process driven visitor management solution that is customizable to your company’s unique needs and requirement.
It is easy to use and helps to improve your company’s daily productivity by reducing avoidable routine tasks, such as manual data input of visitor data into the system, routine report paperwork, and answering of visitor’s questions, which tend to be repetitive.

Features & Benefits of Visitor Registration System

1. Enhance Premises Security

1. Enhance Building Facility Security

Any lapse in proper identification and tracking of your visitors can potentially compromise the security and safety of your organization. This is where products such as a Visitor management system plays an important component role in increasing the safety and security of your organization’s facility.
In addition to proper identification and tracking of visitors in your building facilities, a visitor management system serves as the 1st line of defense to guard against potential intruders.
They are able to do this by helping you to automatically deny entry to unwanted visitors by cross checking all captured visitor identity data with a pre-existing ‘do not admit’ list.

2. First Impressions Do Count

2. Positive First Impressions Do Count

Impress your visiting prospective clients and business partners with a streamlined and smooth visitor check-in experience, which helps to gives a positive 1st impression.
Imagine your employees and visitors simply have to tap on a modern-looking touch screen in-order to get registered. This efficient visitor management solution will definitely help to give your company a professional image.
Typically when a visitor arrives at the offices for a meeting, they would be requested to write down their personal information in a visitor log book (such as Name, Organization, Time & Date of visit, and Reason for the visit).
This often involves the visitor manually entering their information by writing on the guest log book. Often this information is unverifiable and could actually be falsified information for all we know!
Imagine a situation where this prospective customer is able to see all the exposed sensitive details of the earlier visitors, some of which are possibly your existing clients while filling up the visitor log book.
You only get one time to make a good first impression, and this definitely does not put your business in a very positive light.

3. Regular Visitors

3. Management of Regular Visitors

For organizations with regular guests & employees, the automated visitor management system kiosk can enable them to do a swiftly and Easily self-sign in as their data is already stored in the system database. A PVC Badge card printer can also be used to print the proper Photo ID visitor pass for the visitors to wear for easy identification as they move around in the building facility. Examples of visitors which requires having a regular frequency of visits

1. External service providers (eg. cleaners, IT support, renovators) 2. Adjunct teachers at School
3. Volunteers who need help out to at college on a regular basis
4. Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

4. Facilitate Efficient Emergency Evacuations

In an event of an emergency evacuation, the visitor management solution can be used to send an email alert to a list of all visitors in the building, to your security management or other designated authorities.
This helps to ensure that all staff, as well as a guest in the buildings, are accurately accounted for during a building evacuation roll call process.

5. Hierarchical Access Permission

5. Hierarchical User Access Permission

Depending on the job scope and security clearance of a staff, the different layer of security access rights to each of the modules within the system can be assigned to each staff user login ID.
This means that staff with a lower security permission can be restricted to only access the software modules that they need.
From a data security standpoint, this layered access control helps to prevent abuse of sensitive visitor private information.

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