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iPad Visitor Sign in System

An iPad visitor sign-in system is an unmanned reception solution that is suitable for organizations that traditionally do not have any front desk reception staff.
Its key advantage is its interactive touch-screen monitor which allows for an intuitive self-service functionality.
This means that the visitor sign-in process into the organization from initial identification, to authentication and badging process, can be done without the need for assistance by a front desk receptionist.

In the area of visitor management, the technology has come a long way since the days of using primitive visitor sign-in log books and manually written visitor sticker badges.
Particularly in the recent years, with the greater need for higher security by organizations all around the world, a security visitor management has become an indispensable tool for ensuring the security of building facilities.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of an iPad Visitor Sign-In System

An iPad sign-in system is a sophisticated self-service visitor management system that offers the automation and security safeguard of protecting employees and company assets within the building.
Some of the Benefits & Feature-rich functionality of an iPad visitor management system includes:

1. Secure Visitor Identification

1. Security Visitor Identification Function

The iPad visitor sign-in system is equipped with IR scanners to facilitate the convenient capturing of information from identity credentials, such as NRIC, Driver’s license, business cards and travelers Passports to help confirm a visitor’s identity.

2. Visitor Management Integration

2. True Real-time Visitor Management Integration

Information concerning the visit can be compiled by the iPad visitor sign-in system to facilitate the efficient handling of information provided by the visitor concerning their identity and purpose of visit

Seamlessly integrated Visitor Arrival Notification

The web-based visitor management system notifies the host via e-mail of the visitor’s arrival and records all data in an easy-to-use format.

3. Visitors Pre-registration

3. Pre-registration of Visitors & Visiting Groups

Simply by using a web browser from any internet connected computer, visitors, as well as host employees, can pre-register their visiting appointment to allow for an advanced visitor information submission and registration. This allows for a quick visitor check in upon their arrival at the organization’s entrance

Pre-registration Dissemination of Visiting Information & Reminders

When a visitor is pre-registered, visiting information can also be sent via email to the visitors prior to the visit. This can include details, such as

1. Appointment Date and Time reminders
2. Destination Address and directions
3. Visitor identification 2D barcode for scanning during the sign in

All this help to speed up the visitor sign-in process and make it as pleasantly smooth as possible

4. Visitor Security Screening

4. Visitor Profile Security Screening Against Blacklist Database

The iPad visitor management system also allows for the uploading of a watch list of all blacklisted visitors.
Base on this list, the iPad sign-in system will screen the visitor information against this names.
In the event that a visitor’s identity is identified as a match with one of the names in the blacklist database, the reception front desk staff will be alert to deny entry to the unwanted visitors.

5. Customizable User-interface

5. Customizable & Intuitive Visitor User-interface

The iPad check-in system is versatile in its implementation and can be customized to fit the application and needs of your organization.
For example, in building facilities that have strict safety regulations and rules, such as an industrial power plant, the iPad sign-in system can be configured to show all visitors the safety briefing information and brief them on the evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency.
An official acknowledgment can be obtained from the visitor by means of simply signing on the interactive iPad touchscreen.

6. Configurable Hardware & Software Options

6. Configurable Hardware & Software Options to Meet Your Needs

Base on your needs, the iPad sign-in system is fully configurable and can be integrated to work with various optional input devices where necessary, such as

– Web camera for capturing of visitor’s face
– Visitor badge printer.
– Magnetic swipe readers
– IR 2D Barcode Scanner

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iPad Visitor Sign In System

1. Secure Visitor Identification

2. Visitor Management Integration

2. Visitor Management Integration

3. Visitors Pre-registration

3. Visitors Pre-registration

4. Visitor Security Screening

4. Visitor Security Screening

5. Customizable User-interface

5. Customizable User-interface

Adaptable Base on Your Needs & Industry Applications

Some of the major industries that use iPad visitor sign-in system includes

1. Schools Premises

1. Schools & Education Facilities 

Schools and educational institutions are under pressure to ensure a reasonable level of campus security while at the same time, project an image of welcomeness and friendliness.
An iPad visitor sign-in system can easily help you to achieve this balance by leveraging the latest hardware and software technology to improve the management of your building physical security.

Managing and Tracking between the different types of visitors, parent volunteers, temporary contractor personnel are quick and efficient. Visually identifiable temporary Visitor badge pass can be issued to authorized visitors to indicate that they are authorized to be in the school premises.

Active Visitor Screening  

The built-in visitor management software (IL: Visitor Management Software) is configured to automatically do an active screening of visiting parents to ensure that they have the legal custodian rights to visit their children and that they are not under any restraining orders imposed against them

Easy Visit Reporting

At the end of the day, customizable and comprehensive visitor statistics report can be easily generated using the school visitor management system (IL: School Visitor Management System) to compile important visitor data information such as

1. Total visitor count
2. Number of visits from each Visitor Profile categories
2. Hospital Facilities

2. Hospitals & Health Care Medical Facilities

As hospitals are usually exposed to public visitor almost every day, hospitals and healthcare medical facilities face a unique challenge when managing visitors to protect the safety, privacy and personal space of recovering patients.
Though the use of an iPad visitor sign-in system, it allows hospital administrators to thoroughly screen, capture visitor face image, issue visitor badge pass and track visitor movement in and out of patients wards, while at the same time help to keep out unwanted or uninvited visitors from gaining entry.

Integration with Hospital Patient Management System

Information concerning the latest current position of the patient, such as the building block, floor level, ward number and bed number can be pulled from the system into the hospital visitor management system to ensure that the visitor is heading to the correct part of the hospital where the patient is residing.

Self-Expiring Visitor Access Pass

Customizable visitor badge pass can be designed for each hospital ward or department to ensure the maximum safety and security of the patient and staff.

Enforcement of Hospital Visitation Rules

The iPad visitor sign-in system can also monitor the current visitor count at a particular patient and deny entry to additional visitors when the maximum number of visitors has exceeded the allowable number.
Enforce a Maximum Visitor Count Policy helps to ensure the ward does not have a situation of overcrowding with visitors and helps to create a space that is conducive to patient recovery.
This also helps to ensure compliance with guideline requirements for disease control and prevention.

3. Commercial Offices

3. Commercial Buildings & Corporate Offices

The first step to Preventing the entry by unauthorized people and at the same time allowing genuine visitors to have a quick and unhindered passage into the building starts with a properly implemented lobby visitor management system in your organization entrance.
Having an iPad visitor sign-in systems ensure that the safety and security of your occupants, intellectual assets, and physical assets in your building are protected.

Active Security Screening Measures

For security screening of visitors, identity information captured from the iPad visitor sign-in system can be cross-referenced with an internal watchlist database to enable the active identification of unwanted visitors within seconds.
This allows the security officers to be alerted to promptly deny the blacklisted visitors from gaining entry.

Access Control Integration

Another important element of a corporate visitor management system is the capability for integration with the building’s existing security access control system. This functions as a Visitor Access Control System to ensure that the access of the visitor as they move around in the building is controlled and restricted only to areas of the building where they are authorized.

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