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Electronic Visitor Management System

Electronic Visitor Management System (VMS) solutions are gaining wide spread adoption among companies in Singapore in recent years.
It is essentially a visitor management solution, where the various digital electronic visitor management software modules are integrated together via a web based platform. This enables you to enjoy the advantage of having a seamless visitor check-in registration process that is quick, user-friendly, and secure.
We fully understand the logistical and administrative service challenges that global companies face every day in ensuring an accurate identification of the visitors that pass through the lobby daily. Built with the end user in mind, the electronic visitor management solution module is designed specifically to allow you to meet your visitor management needs, by making the enrolling process of a new visitors in your VMS system as quick and smooth as possible.

Challenges of Tracking and Managing Visitors

Normally on any day-to-day business operation, small businesses, hospitals and organizations in Singapore receives a wide array of visitors, ranging from 3rd party suppliers, quality engineering maintenance work contractors, friends and relatives, volunteers, parcel delivery personnel, corporate customers, business associates, overseas office colleagues, employees, delegates, government officers, competitors, and sometimes even completely unidentified people or potential customer who just show up on site at the company location.
This gives rise to the top urgent need for an electronic security visitor management system solution product to help and effectively identify, manage, log, monitor, and track the visitors coming in and out of your business building facilities during every visit on a day to day basis, as you cannot predict with an easy 100 percent certainty where your visitors will go and whether they pose any high-security hazard to your company operations.
With the dynamically changing form of the security landscape in the recent years and the constant threat of unconventional terror attacks on homeland security, organizations have to stay vigilant to constantly recognize possible threats, and adjust to the ever present security risks factors.
Any security vulnerability has to be pro-actively addressed and neutralized with the support from a professional RFID visitor management system solution or a Biometric visitor management system products to prevent any costly monetary losses from any illegal activities, such as leakage and abuse of company propriety asset information record data due to use by competitor, theft of employee user access key card, or even death of employees.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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1. Boost Visitor Information Confidentiality

1. Boost Visitor Information Confidentiality

2. Enhances Security & Safety

2. Enhances Security & Safety

3. Secure Visitor Screening

3. Secure Visitor Screening

4. Quick Visitor Registration & Check-Ins

4. Quick Visitor Registration & Check-Ins

5. Evacuation Report Generation Feature

5. Evacuation Report Generation Feature

6. Visitor Temperature Screening

6. Visitor Temperature Screening

Why Choose Us

1. Safe Guard Building Security

1. Safe Guard Your Organization’s Security

One of the main rationale authentication and monitoring of visitors have to be implemented is because of the need to ensure the safety and security of your organization.
For example

1. To Safeguard Intellectual & Physical Assets

To prevent acts of corporate espionage or sabotage, a visitor management solution can provide the 1st line of defense to guard against any potential intruder by an external outsider.
For places which are of a high-security restricted area, the visitor management solution can also serve to impose on the visitors the handover their camera-enabled mobile phones or removable thumb drive devices to prevent the stealing of confidential company data.

2. To Safe Guard the Life Safety of your Staff within your Organization

Your staff is are probably your single most valued asset. In the scenario of a successful entry by an illegitimate person with the criminal intent to cause physical harm, it can possibly expose your staff to an otherwise avoidable security risk.
Especially in recent times, where threats of terror to homeland security are more real than ever, ensuring the life safety of your human resources is an urgent aspect of security that must be addressed.

2. Positive Professional Business Interaction

2. Create a Positive Professional Business Interaction

By having and using a visitor management system, it helps to greatly streamline and speed up your visitor check in process by eliminating any unnecessary waiting time spent while trying to find the host.
In addition, the higher level of organizational security demonstrated through a proper verification of visitor information, plus providing precautions to protect the privacy of visitor details helps to provide the visitor a sense of security and confidence in the organization as a whole.

3. Ensure Compliance Security Policies

3. Ensure Visitor Security Compliance

Having a visitor management system solution can help your company to meet the increasing demand for proper reporting, and ensure compliance with company security policies.

Requiring Visitors to Acknowledge Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

During the initial check in process, Beyond helping to create a more efficient visitors management experience, a visitor management solution can be programmed to add on a visitor policy page for getting visitor acknowledgment with specific terms, conditions, and security regulations of your organization (such as non-disclosure agreement (NDA), restriction on possession of any camera phones for capturing of photographs)

Cross Check Work Permit Expiry Dates

To ensure that your organization uses the 3rd party service contractor staffing that is legally authorized to carry out their service, the visitor management solution is able to monitor and cross reference expiry dates of work permits with a central database to ensure their legitimacy. Any work permits that is terminated, or are approaching their expiration date that is identified will trigger an alert notification, thus helping to ensure that your company is operating within the labor laws and regulations.

Visitor Registration Process

Visitor Registration Process

In addition, the initial visitor checks in, the security function that a visitor management system plays to safe guard your organization’s facilities can be broken down into the following key steps:

1. Initial Visitor Pre-Registration

Capturing and identification of the visitor’s credentials, usually via personal identity card, Drivers License, Staff Proximity Smart card, or Work pass.

2. Validation and Verification of Visitor identity

If needed, credentials can be referenced with an existing database to check the validity of certain passes, such as a valid work permit.
For a more comprehensive of security screening when entering a high-security area, visitor data captured can also be referenced with internal records of banned visitor details to pro actively prevent any potential intrusion.

3. Issuance of Visitor Badge

The guest is then issued with a professional visitor ID pass, or self-expiring ID tag so that he/she can be easily recognized in the premises as they move around in the building

4. Notify Host of visitor’s arrival

once the guest has been checked into the system, the hosting employee will receive an automated email alert informing him/her that the visitor has arrived.

5. Monitoring Movement of Visitor

During the entire period of the visitor’s appointment at the organization, the visitor management solution checks to ensures that the visitor conforms to the scheduled appointment time.
In the event that the visitor’s appointment has ended and is still present in the office, the VMS system will alert the security management and concurrently send an SMS notification to the visitor to leave the building facilities.

6. Visitor Checkout

After a successful visit, the visitor badge will be left behind with the receptionist before the visitor is being checked out.

7. Visitor Self sign-in and Self-printing of badge

After the first time visitor has been enrolled into the system, the visitor information is then securely stored in the database, so that for subsequent visits by visitors, they can simply check themselves in
by scanning the visitor pass which was previously assigned to them.

Features & Benefits of Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Boost Visitor Information Confidentiality

1. Enhance Visitor Information Confidentiality

An electronic visitor management system is a more secure visitor identification and tracking solution design compared to a conventional set of guest log books.
By having the visitor’s details seamlessly and digitally captured, it helps to keep visitor’s information private from the view of other guests, unlike in the visitor log look, where the manually handwritten confidential personal details by the previous visitors and guests are freely visible to the subsequent visitors and guest to see.
Embarrassing situations can arise in scenarios, where for example, names of prior visitors, contractors or clients are leaked to visiting competitors, thus putting at risk the organization’s business dealings.

2. Enhances Security & Safety

2. Enhances Security, Promote Safety

Illegible Scribble by Guest

Traditionally when a guest gets enrolled, the paper guest log book is used to collect the visitor’s information, such as Name, Purpose of Visit, Organization. As these details are manually handwritten by the visitor themselves, the information in the visitor log books is often filled with fuzzy handwritings, which is practically impossible to search and trace back.

Unverified & Falsified information

On a more serious note, it is actually possible that the details provided by the visitor are faked since it is self-declared by them and unverified. As a result, in the event of such a scenario, this essentially enables an unauthorized intruder to gain free intrusion access throughout your building premises!

3. Secure Visitor Screening

3. Secure Screening of Banned Visitors

In managing external guest and visitors, it is a fact that sometimes there are visitors that you simply do not want at your building premises for a variety of reasons.
This may include examples such as visitor with court orders enforced on them, people with custodial agreements where they want to prevent specific guardian from picking up their children at kindergarten.

Current Security Challenges

When an unauthorized visitor shows up on location at the building, it is common that they will try to gain access by hiding the fact that they are actually banned.
To the front desk receptionist, it is almost impossible to recognize a banned visitor simply by relying on facial recognition or memory recollection. This is particularly true when your front desk service staff are new temp staff or when they have to manage the enrollment of hundreds of visitors on a day to day basis.

How does Visitor Management System Work

Visitor management system has a built-in banned visitor screening functionality which allows and provides your company with an extra layer of security safeguard by helping to prevent people who should not be allowed access from being granted check in access into the building. It works by making sure that all visitor details captured are cross checked with an internal record of blacklisted visitors.
In the event that there is a positive match, the electronic visitor management system will pro-actively prevent the banned visitor from being checked back into the Visitor management system. The visitor management application will also show a pop-up box alert which notifies the front desk staff that the visitor has been banned. This enables a timely notification of security staff to deal with the situation, thus ensuring the safety of the front desk receptionist.
In addition, the system is able to monitor the historical record of other times where they showed up and show detailed information on why they are banned in the past.

4. Quick Visitor Registration & Check-Ins

4. Fast Visitor Registration & Check-Ins Process

Credential OCR & Barcode Scanning

A VMS system helps to automate and simplify the visitor check in process for greater speed & performance.
Information of visitor details can simply and easily be digitally captured swiftly into the visitor identity manager simply by using a double-sided scanner with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or barcode scanning on common identity credentials, such as photo identity card, work permit pass, and driver’s license. As the data is securely stored in an integrated visitor database, the frequent visitors will enjoy an even quicker verification process next time he/she visits and log in during the next visit.

Facial Image Capturing

For added security, CCTV surveillance video camera options can be configured with the high tech visitor management solution so that you are able to visually record the visitor’s facial features when they check-in to the facility. The automation of the visitor identification and attendance tracking process enables visitor information to be collected almost instantly, thus significantly helping to cut down on the visitor registration process.

5. Evacuation Report Generation Feature

5. Emergency Evacuation Report Printing Feature

From a security perspective, a visitor management solution gives you a way to efficiently determine who’s in the building premises so as to safe guard their safety by keeping track of their attendance in the scenario of an emergency evacuation.
In the event of an emergency evacuation, such as an incident of fire or power outage, the software application can be used to instantly print and produce a detailed evacuation report to assist in the roll call procedure to make sure that both staff and visitors are all evacuated safely and account for.

6. Visitor Temperature Screening

6. Visitor Temperature Screening to Prevent Infectious Diseases Outbreak

As an optional security screening safeguard during periods of a flu virus epidemics, or outbreak of infectious disease, we have the option to integrate a temperature measuring detection sensors, such as IR thermal scanners to measure and monitor the body temperature of all visitors entering the building facility. This gives you the capability to detect any guest with unusually high temperature, which could be an indication of a virus infection.
From a security standpoint, a visitor management system plays a crucial role as the first line of defense to guard the organization against any costly loss of productive man hours, due to a disease outbreak among your staff.

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