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Visitor Sign in System for Schools

Visitor Sign in System for Schools by VMS Singapore are gaining popularity and widespread implementation among many local Schools and educational institutions in Singapore. This is in a lot of ways an organization productivity tool that offers many benefits such as cost reduction, and a 24/7 efficiency and workflow productivity that a human front desk receptionist simply cannot match. A school visitor sign in system is a proactive security visitor management solution designed specifically to protect the safety and well being of pupils, faculty staff, and employees within the school facility.
The visitor sign in system consist of an integrated collection of core security technologies that can broadly serve the following key school visitor management system functions, namely:

1. Capturing and Authentication of Visitor identity information
2. Screening and detection of blacklisted visitors
3. Visitor badge pass printing
4. Visitor movement Tracking


Importance of Security in Schools

Ensuring the safety and security of Student and staff is a top most priority for any schools and educational establishments. Educational institutions, such as schools, kindergartens, universities, and polytechnics all have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of students during their hours spent at the school premises, by protecting them from unauthorized intruders with malicious intent, who might otherwise cause unpleasant nuisance and even inflict physical harm.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of Visitor Sign In System for Schools

1. Screening of Blacklisted Visitors

1. Visitor Screening against Internal Database of Blacklisted Visitors

Each and Every personal identity information that is collected by the visitor is instantly checked screened against an internal database of blacklisted visitors.
The visitor background screening ensures that all visitor’s identity information is checked against an internal database of blacklisted visitors to check that the visitor is authorized to enter the school.
In the event that a visitor’s identity credential positively matches with the record in the blacklist database, the visitor will be denied entry into the school compound.
Reasons for denying to blacklisted visitors could be due to a wide variety of reasons, such as

1. Visitors who have legal protection orders imposed against them
2. Visiting parent who is bounded by custodial agreements where they are not allowed to picking up their children from school.
2. Accurate & Reliable Visitor Records

2. Accurate Visitor Records for Accountability & Visibility

The School Visitor Sign in System ensures that a reliable and accurate record of visit history is securely kept for every visitor that enters your school, every day. This means that you are able to easily track at a glance

1. Visitor movement in and out of your school building
2. Account for School volunteer hours
3. Track student Lateness
4. Blacklisted visiting parents who are identified and denied entry
3. Volunteer Management

3. School Volunteer Management

The volunteer management feature of the visitor sign in system is also suitable for applications such as authenticating and monitoring the movement of school volunteer. It is especially common theses days for schools to have volunteers who come in and out of your premises on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time, with a visitor sign in system, it helps to safe guard the well-being of the students, staff, and assets within the premises.

4. Automated Report Generation

4. Efficient and Easy Visitor Report Generation

As all the visitor records are digitally recorded in the internal database and seamlessly integrated with the visitor management software interface, visitor daily reports can be quickly and easily be generated to meet your security needs. Whether you are a single school or a large college campus with multiple buildings to manage, our visitor management software can create customized reports that meet your needs. For accountability purposes, the web-based system which is easily accessible is also able to generate a report to compile the information such as a total number of hours worked by volunteers, and a number of volunteer headcount in the building for the past 6 months.

5. Web-based Accessibility

5. Convenience of a Full Web-based Accessibility

As our visitor sign in system is based on a web-based management platform, it offers you the convenience of accessing the visitor management interface from any internet connected mobile device. This means that you are able to track in real time the movement of visitors in and out of the school building. This also enables you to

1. See who is in your building at any given point in time
2. Get SMS alert of suspicious visitors who overstayed beyond their scheduled appointed time
3. Account for all the visitors in the school building in the event of an emergency evacuation scenario, such as during a life threatening outbreak of fire.

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Sign in System for Schools

1. Screening of Blacklisted Visitors

2. Accurate & Reliable Visitor Records

2. Accurate & Reliable Visitor Records

3. Volunteer Management

3. Volunteer Management

4. Automated Report Generation

4. Automated Report Generation

5. Web-based Accessibility

5. Web-based Accessibility

Why Choose Us

1. Economical Visitor Management

1. Affordable Visitor Management Solution

Each implementation of the school visitor sign in system is able to support a multiple number of user accounts at no extra charge. This makes the security visitor sign in the system an extremely scalable and affordable implementation, in terms of the number of user accounts that it can support. Enjoying a comprehensive visitor management system implementation and security coverage of your school premises has never been more affordable.

2. Safeguard Security of School Premises

2. Protect Safety & Security of School Premises

In a school environment setting, there is nothing more important than creating a safe, secure and conducive learning environment for students and teachers.
With a school visitor sign in system, it ensures that all visitors who arrived on-site at the school entrance are Registered, Screened, Tagged with a Visitor Badge before they are granted entry access permission into the building.


To ensure a quick check-in process with minimal wait time, visitors are able to pre-register themselves by accessing the web-based Visitor Management system via any internet connected device with a web browser.

Visual Deterrent against Intruders

Such a sign-in system can also function as a very visually prominent security deterrent against any would-be intruders.
Therefore, an effectively implemented Visitor Management systems can play a key crucial role in deterring and preventing school security incidents from happening in the first place, such as incidences of School violence.

3. Protect Child Safety

3. Enhance Protection of Child Safety

Children are an age segment that is particularly vulnerable to all sorts of safety risk and issues, such as Child abduction, Child physical abuse, Being picked up by an unauthorized visitor, or even Attack by Sexual predators. A visitor identification management system has features that are designed to protect the child safety in such a scenario. For example, the visitor management system can automatically screen and cross reference all collected visitor data with an internal database of blacklisted visitors. If a positive match is detected in the system, the visitor will be denied entry access and an alert notification will be sent to the security staff. Examples, where a visitor can be added to the blacklist, includes

1. Parents with restraining orders or custodian rights imposed against them
2. Visitor who are ex-offenders with criminal history of child abuse

With a visitor identification system, it ensures that the child is only released to the correct parent or authorized guardian.

4. Fast and Easy Deployment

4. Quick & Easy Setup for a Fast Visitor Management Deployment

Whether it is just a School premises or a large college campus, installing the visitor sign in system is an extremely fast and easy process. Simply within the same day of setting up and configuring, the visitor sign-in system will be up and running in no time.

Challenges of Traditional forms of visitor management methods using Pen & Paper Logbooks

1. Unverifiable & False Information

1. Unverifiable and Possibly False Visitor Information

Manual screening of visitors coming into school facilities typically involves getting the visitors to fill up a paper visitor form, to provide basic information such as
1. Name, 2. NRIC, 3. Reason for Visit, 4. Time of arrival & Time of departure.
The main problem which such a method of visitor management is that absolutely none of the information provided by the visitor is verifiable as true. In fact, a potentially unauthorized trespasser could easily bypass the front desk security guards by simply providing false information.
Such a manual screening of every visitor in most cases end up screening none of the visitors entering the school. It is definitely not a practical solution at all on a daily basis.
In fact, the use of such manual visitor log books presents a very visible security vulnerability that can be easily exploited by potential intruders.

2. Illegible & Unreliable Handwriting

2. Handwritten Visitor Records that is Illegible & Unreliable

Manually Handwritten visitor records on visitor paper logbooks are often filled with omission information or illegible manual handwriting entries. This effectively renders the school’s visitor records unusable. Plus tracing back the visit history can present a big challenge. In short, a Paper-based visitor log books simply does not provide any level of security safeguard to keep your school compound safe from unauthorized intrusion.

3. Exposure to Blacklisted Visitors

3. Lack of Protective Safeguard Against Banned Visitors

Typically when a paper logbook is used to manage and record visitor movement, security guards often have to rely on their memory or inefficient paper printouts to identify blacklisted visitors. More often than not, such reliance on memory and visual recognition of the front desk security staff is highly unreliable especially on days where there is an extremely high volume of incoming visitor traffic.

4. False Security

4. False Sense of Security & Protection

Traditional Paper-based visitor log books often create a false sense of security and are often perceived by security management as a cheap and simple visitor management solution that gets the job done. This cannot be further from the truth, as this false perception often leads to school having a huge security vulnerability which they are often unaware of. Please do not wait until there is a security breach before deciding to adopt a visitor sign in system, the potential financial loss and damage caused by an intrusion or theft can easily cause you much more than the initial investment needed to implement a visitor management system.

5. Inefficient Reporting

5. Inefficient Visitor History Reporting

Each time a visitor report has to be generated, the information from the manually written visitor records has to be manually extracted line by line and re-keyed into the visitor management system. This is an extremely inefficient administrative procedure which is both time-consuming and error-prone.

What are the Advantages of Visitor photo ID Badge pass?

What are the Advantages of Visitor photo ID Badge pass over Temporary Self-Adhesive ID Tag?

In the event that you are expecting a high frequency and regularity of visitor visit, and a high number of volunteer head count coming into your school premises, perhaps for a long term voluntary activities, the use of a printed wearable photo ID pass is recommended. Compared to a temporary self-expiring ID sticker tag, a wearable Visitor photo ID Badge can help to avoid the relatively high cost of implementing a disposable self-expiring visitor pass, thus helping you to save cost in the long run. So after their registration during the first visit, they can simply check-in using the volunteer Photo ID pass for the subsequent visits Another advantage of a volunteer ID badge is that it can be programmed to hold more detailed information of the volunteers, as well as a barcode, which can be used to provide an appropriate level of access control rights within the facilities.

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