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Visitor Management Kiosk 

Visitor management kiosk by VMS Singapore is an automated visitor management system which has gained widespread adoption by Local businesses, Education Institutions and Organizations in the recent years, especially in the current economic environment where businesses are increasingly conscious about the importance of security when safeguarding their business assets and interest.

Typically in most organizations, the management of visitor visit registration and data screening involves having a security staff to manually sign-in everyone that arrives at the entrance using a visitor log book followed by the issuing of a visitor card.
This age-old practice to register, manage and track visitor registration is a highly unproductive work process which is time-consuming and slow.
With a web-connected online visitor management kiosk which is strategically installed at a visually prominent and key point location at the office main reception, it can help to automate the visitor registration process and allows the enrollment of multiple visitors all in one go.


1. Lobby Visitor Management Kiosk

1. Lobby Visitor Management Kiosk

Such Lobby Visitor Management System Entrances at Commercial Offices, Government facilities
2. Hospital Visitor Management Kiosk

2. Hospital Visitor Management Kiosk

A Hospital Visitor Management Kiosk is great for managing visitors visiting patients at hospitals
3. School Visitor Management Kiosk

3. School Visitor Management Kiosk

School Visitor Management Kiosk is suitable for managing visitors at College campuses, Polytechnics etc.

Features & Benefits of Visitor Management Kiosk

1. Automated of Self-Service Visitor Registration

1. Automation of Visitor Registration via Self-Service Feature

Visitor management kiosks are useful for offices facility with a lobby that is usually unattended by attendants most of the time.
It helps to serve as a standalone visitor management software solution tool to automate the visitor registration, identification and Access card badging process.
The enhanced self-service feature of the visitor management kiosk allows you to streamline and take care of the visitor management control process.
Such systems also help to reduce an issue of heavy reliance on front desk reception customer service staff and automate any unnecessary and unproductive event of Manual man-hour intensive administrative support task, such as

1. Check and Record of visitor identity information and visiting purpose by Keying in details read off from NRIC Identity Card, S-pass, Car Driving License Cards.
2. Creating and issuing of Visitor Badge pass – Use of printer to print visitor pass which allows the visitor to enter the building
3. The process of Calling up the host employee mobile phone to inform about the visitor’s arrival on site.
To ensure that such new products are easy for end user to use, the visitor self-service interface is designed to be intuitive, interactive with built-in assistance prompt.

Of course, there are still situations where it may still be necessary to have an attendant on duty to provide assistance services, such as at a school. At the end of the day, even in those situations, a product such as a visitor management kiosk may be able to prove itself to be a worthwhile addition.

2. Cost Savings

2. Reduce Administration Time & Save Money

Choosing to adopt a self-serviced Visitor Management Kiosk can help to Lower overall cost of your visitor management operations by eliminating the reliance on physical front desk customer service employee staffing.
From a cost perspective, a visitor management kiosk also offers relatively more cost-saving benefits as compared to the hiring of an additional front desk customer service staff, saving you both time and money.
Save time and money for your business by reducing the Administrative time your reception staff spends on reception etiquette and manually assisting in the logging in of visitors.
As the guests are now able to serve themselves using the modern interactive tablet displays, it helps the receptionist to be not to pulled away from her job that she is currently doing, and at the same time ensuring that the visitor business interactions is not hampered.
If the reception is busy, the self-check-in kiosk can greet visitors and allow them to process their own visitor admission.
The interactive & intuitive touchscreen technology allows the visitor to easily view, search and follow the process to produce their own visitor’s pass. Visitors can access the company-related list of information from the kiosk without the help from the reception.

3. Integration with Access Control

3. Effective Visitor Access Control Integration

A visitor management self-badging kiosk provides an effective means of tracking and managing access control of visitors. It helps to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to gain entry access into specific areas within a building facility. The system offers a host of personnel access control functions. The issued visitor badge pass can function as an access control card which is required to be used when the visitor is trying to gain entry access to specific part of the building. The access control functionality can be included in the visitor badge pass by incorporating a unique printed barcode or RFID tag, which can be used for access control authentication with various access control installations, such as

1. Pedestrian turnstile access control
2. Elevator access control
3. Electromagnetic door access control
4. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Process Flow

4. Quick Streamlined Visitor Check-in Enrollment Process

A visitor management kiosk helps safeguard the building security and the same time help to streamline the visitor check-in process flow. From the initial entry arrival, right up to the issuing of the printed visitor badge pass, the whole check-in process time can be completed by the visitor management kiosk in under 20 seconds.

Minimize Visitor Wait Time

The self-registration check-in and self check-out service options offered by the visitor management kiosk can help to relieve the visitor management demands on the front desk reception staff and significantly cut down on any visitor processing wait time. This can help front desk reception staff to cope with the huge inflow of visitor traffic during peak time periods, thus helping to avoid any long visitor queues or unpleasant administrative delays.

5. Quick & Accurate Captured of Detailed Visitor Information

5. Quick & Accurate Visitor Information Capture Process

1. Visitor Information Capture

Visitor inserts their personal identity card into the kiosk card reader scanner. The type of identity card that the system can accommodate includes NRIC identity card, Drivers License, and Employee ID card

2. Visitor Information Screening

Base on the visitor information captured, the built-in visitor management software can then verify and 1. Determine whether the visitor is visiting for the very first time or has previously been enrolled into the visitor management system 2. Check to ensure that the visitor is not on the watch list of blacklisted visitors

3. Capture of Visitor Facial Image

Through the visitor management kiosk, a facial image of the visitor can be captured, either by

1. Optical scanning of the visitor’s existing photo ID, such as a driver’s license, NRIC card, or passport
2. or via a Web camera integrated into the visitor management system

4. Visitor Badge Pass Printing

The visitor photo and personal information captured is then used to print a professional-looking, full-color, visitor photo ID badge pass. This customized single-use visitor pass has self-expiring feature, which visually shows a ‘VOID’ imprint when the specified amount of time has lapsed. This prevents visitors from abusing the pass by reusing it for unauthorized access in subsequent visits.

6. Automation of Visitor Information Capture

6. Automated Visitor Information Capture

To ensure that the visitor enrollment process can be completed within a shorter period of time, the Visitor Management Kiosk features multiple visitor information input capture methods, such as

1. Integrated Web camera with built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality
2. Visitor identity card Barcode scanner
3. Biometric fingerprint reader

This offers the time-saving benefit of enabling the Visitor information to be easily auto-populated into the visitor management system, thereby helping to avoid the need for any time consuming manual data entry of visitor personal details, such as

1. Name
2. Contact telephone number
3. Email address
4. Website URL
2. Address

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Management Kiosk

1. Automated of Self-Service Visitor Registration

2. Reduce Administration Time & Save Money

2. Cost Savings

3. Effective Visitor Access Control Integration

3. Integration with Access Control

4. Quick Streamlined Visitor Check-in Enrollment Process

4. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Process Flow

5. Quick & Accurate Visitor Information Capture Process

5. Quick & Accurate Captured of Detailed Visitor Information

6. Automated Visitor Information Capture

6. Automation of Visitor Information Capture

Why Choose Us

1. Secure Visitor Personal Information

1. Protect Privacy of Visitor Personal Information

Visitor management kiosks helps to ensure the privacy of visitor personal information so that other visitors cannot see who is entering the building
In companies where the visitor registration and access control process is manually managed through the primary use of a visitor sign-in sign-out book, the exposed visitor records in the book are actually easily visible to all other visitors visiting later in the day.
This presents a huge security vulnerability as this exposes the visitor’s private information to other visitors (such as NRIC, Mobile number, Company).

Leakage of Business Information to Competitor

The exposure of previous visitor records also lets visitors know who else has previously visited the company’s building facility.
From a business standpoint, a visitor who could be a competitor or a vendor who works closely with a competitor can now find out your visitor list simply by peeking into the visitor book when signing in for a visit.
From this visitor information obtained, the competitor could easily figure out your customer names and what client projects that you are working on.
All this embarrassing leakage of confidential company information to public visitors and possible competitor can easily be avoided simply by having a well implemented and secure visitor management kiosk in place

2. Enforcement Visiting Security Policies

2. Enforcement of Organization Visitation Security Policies

A visitor management kiosk also can be programmed and configured to officially obtain the visitor acknowledgment on certain visitation policies before being allowed to be granted entry access into the building facility.
The visitor signature can be captured using an electronic touch pad or simply sign on the interactive touch screen.
Such security policies can include for example

1. Nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
2. Personal Safety information
3. Declaration on non-possession of any restricted items such as removable storage media or image capturing devices
3. Secure Visitor Information Screening

3. Accurate Security Screening of Visitors against Watchlist

During every visitor initial registration and enrollment, the Visitor Management Kiosk will cross reference the visitor data captured with an internal database of blacklisted visitors to ensure that the visitors are not on the visitor watch list (eg. Ex-employees, Competitors, Personnel with criminal history etc.)
This helps to facilitate a tighter visitor access control to protect the building security.

Programmable Security Alert

The visitor management system also features Multiple programmable options for SMS alerts to enable you to receive timely security status update notification.

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