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Hospital Visitor Management System

A hospital visitor management system by VMS Singapore should be a priority for facilities that offer Health-care services and Nursing service if they want to enhance their level of safety and security for their employees, patients, and visitors.
This is especially so these days if you have a high volume of visitor traffic coming in and out of your facilities as this in itself exposes you to the various potential threat on a daily basis.
However, all this is security vulnerabilities is solved with an integrated visitor tracking management system product solution put in place to guard against all these threats.
With this electronic visitor management system integrated to interface with your existing network of security hardware systems, such as CCTV surveillance system, Staff Card Access control solutions, and Car park management system, you can efficiently Track, Monitor, quickly manage and view daily visit report from Visitors, Contractor & Vendors from 3rd party company, Maintenance project Service Provider, Work & Business partners, Delivery personnel, Customers, Career counselor or new Education volunteers.
In addition, the design of the hospital visitor management system also makes it possible to support the implementation of the various additional advanced form of visitor management functional module which helps to provide a smoother, better integrated and Safe visitation experience when anyone first enters in your building facility.
This includes key user automation functions such as:

1. Enforcement of restriction order on Visitation timings
2. Web-based Pre-registration, which can be done on mobile browser (no App install needed)
3. Professional Management of visitor info for use in Issuance of Visitor Badge pass
4. Integration with Printer to print temporary self-expiring visitor pass on site
5. Integration with Patient Database to allow for easy retrieval of patient data
6. Auto Synchronization with Patient Appointment and Events Schedule Management System


Security Challenges of Protecting Patients and Staff

With hundreds of thousands of people entering Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers, Homes for Assisted living, Senior citizens nursing centre and other healthcare facilities every day, this makes the monitoring of incoming visitors and ensuring the safety of patients and staff quite a bit of an administrative challenge.
In addition to safeguarding the basic safety of man and women in the facility, it is also important to ensure the privacy and safety of your patients, as well as provide a safe environment that is conducive to rest and recovery.
In addition, security incidents caused by a mismanagement of visitor identity screening can be a top source of psychological trauma for patients if mishandled. That is why in this day and age of heightened security, there is a real need to screen all incoming visitors entering the facility to reduce the risk of uninvited visitors, violent intruders, or anyone else who could cause a disturbance or pose a threat to the health and safety of your patients, doctors, nursing staff and other Healthcare employee.
However, an event of Staffing shortage or peak visitation hours can make it even more challenging to Screen check, Register and Monitor visitors when you don’t have a proper visitor management system put in place to provide the administrative support.
The consequence of a security incident as a result of a mismanagement of the visitor screening process can potentially have far-reaching effects, such as causing deep psychological trauma to patients.
Some of the security-sensitive areas in healthcare facilities that need absolute restriction from public access include:

– A&E or emergency department roomsv

– Critical intensive care units
– Patient medical record rooms
– Mental health clinics
– Specialized outpatient clinics (such as those for substance abuse and abortion).


The Solution to Improve Healthcare Facility Security and Services

Hiring more front desk staff man-power to help manage and monitor the incoming visitors may be what comes to mind when addressing the need to screen the daily incoming visitors, however, it does not solve the issue entirely as the screening is manual and largely depends on the memory of the staff.
This is where technology products such as a Hospital visitor management system comes into the picture. It offers a level of reliability that no human staff can possibly match and can significantly speed up the screening process and boost your security.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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Hospital Visitor Management System

1. Streamlines Visitor Registration Process

2. Reduces Risk of Intrusion by Unwanted Visitors

2. Reduces Risk of Intrusion by Unwanted Visitors

3. Generates Visitor Reports Automatically

3. Generates Visitor Reports Automatically

Features & Benefits of Hospital Visitor Management System


1. Streamlines Visitor Registration Process

1. Streamlines Visitor Registration Workflow Process

– Provides barcode scanning and fast capturing of visitor or vendor information
– Automatically creates a record of visitor profiles, which allows for Quick search & Retrieval during subsequent visits by visitor who comes back.
– Capable of biometric credentials read capturing for easier document verification and acknowledgment of adherence to security and hospital security regulations or non-disclosure agreements
– Eliminates long registration queues and allows faster movement of people going in and out of the building
2. Reduces Risk of Intrusion

2. Reduces Risk of Unauthorized Intrusion by Unwanted Visitors

– Crosschecks visitor IDs against watch list database registry of criminal and sex offenders
– Customizable criteria for what to cross-check
– Alerts are triggered when there is a match at any point in time
– Patients with domestic issues or specific visitor requests (i.e. enforcement of restraining orders, no overlapping of visits from separated parents, etc.) can be recorded in the database, preventing any possible conflicts during visits
– Screens contractors and vendors against a pre-approved list for faster checking
3. Automatic Visitor Report Generation

3. Generates Visitor Reports Automatically

– Registration layouts, software control dashboard, and names of fields are easily customizable according to your needs
– Sophisticated reporting systems which let you quickly retrieve data on visitors, past visits, total number of visitors per department, and total number of pass types
– Provides detailed real time information on visitor admission and discharge, allowing you to effectively allocate front-desk manpower and resources

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