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Visitor Access Control System

Visitor Access Control System by VMS Singapore is an integration between a Visitor management system and an Access control system. It is a smart all in one integrated visitor registration system which has a broad range of visitor management software capabilities that augment well with a broad range of industry standard building door access control systems and products.


Importance of Building Entrance Security as the first line of Safe Guard

Because your building entrance lobby is exposed to a huge inflow of visitors coming in and out of the business on a daily basis, it is probably the one-most important high-security risk area in any building premises where protection of key work personnel and property is a priority. Because there is always a chance of an intruder with malicious intent trying to trespass via the reception into the building facility all the time, the use of a comprehensive visitor lobby visitor management system must be put in place to support a total building security physically, electronically and procedurally.

Overview of Visitor Management Process

The Visitor Access Control System solution can perform a broad range of services & functions to handle the daily incoming visitor visit arrivals, such as:

1. Registration – Enrolling of visitors through initial capturing of visitor credentials
2. Authentication & Security Screening service – Visitor information is screened against a watch list database of blacklisted persons
3. Tracking – Tracking of visitor movement in and out of the building facility.Integration with CCTV surveillance system can be configured to have visual tracking capabilities.
4. Visitor Pre-registration – host employees are allowed to access a web-based visitor management application to pre-register visitors to ensure a quicker visitor sign-in process.
5. Reporting – Visitor Data report generation, for daily, monthly, yearly report
6. Authorization of Access Permission – Visitor Badge pass printing and issuance of Visitor door access card
7. Material gate pass management – manage movement of Package and Asset coming in and out of the facility
8. Time and attendance – Tracking of hours clocked by various personnel, such as Employees, Visitors, Volunteers etc.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of Visitor Access Control System

1. Streamline Visitor Registration Process

1. Streamline Visitor Check-in Registration Process

An integration between the visitor management system and the facility’s existing access control system allows you to streamline the multi-step visitor sign-in process and enhances the building facility’s safety and security This synergistic integration helps to enhance the functionality of both management system as each system plays a role that complements each other. Traditionally the strength of an access control system is in tracking employee movement as they move in and out of the building and when they move around within the facility. However, they are not designed to track the movement of temporary guest and external visitors who are usually not enrolled in the access control system.

2. Seamless Access Control Integration

2. Seamless Integration With Access Control Systems

One-step Visitor Sign-in Process Having a visitor management system seamlessly integrated into an access control system is effective at addressing the security risks and vulnerability of card exploitation when handling building access cards to outside visitors and external contractors This means that only 1 integrated step is required when granting visitor the required credential for access permission into the building. Thus eliminating the need to make a separate trip to the company security office to setup and issue an access credential.

3. Fast Issuance of Access Credentials

3. Fast Issuance of Visitor Access Credentials

Visitor information captured by the visitor management system is seamlessly transmitted to the access control system, which then uses the information to register and issue a RFID proximity access card to the visitor As the different types of visitor access groups are preconfigured into the system, it ensures that visitors are only granted a limited access clearance only to building areas which they are authorized to enter. At the time of check in, the access control credential can be issued from the visitor management system to the visitor in the form of a temporary access card, which uses either a RFID proximity technology or an Access Control Barcode Our visitor management system is designed to be able to tightly integrate with most major main stream industry standard access control systems.

4. Self-Expiration & Remote Deactivation of Access Credentials

4. Self-Expiration & Remote Deactivation of Visitor Access Card Credentials

In the event that a visitor accidentally took, or steal the visitor access card out of the building facility during check-out, there is no worry of the card being used again to access the building. This is because the visitor access card has a built-in self-expiration feature which limits the card validity period only to the duration of the visitor’s appointment time.

5. No More Unaccounted Pre-registered Access Cards

5. No More Need for Live Pre-registered Access Cards which are unaccounted for

As the visitor access card is created and issued on the spot, it eliminates the security risk of having a stack of live access card which is unaccounted for. This means that there is no security risk arising from the misplacement or theft of those visitor cards.

6. Audit Trail for Better Accountability of Access Cards

6. Audit Trail for Accountability of Access Card Credentials

As each of the visitor access cards is uniquely tagged to a specific visitor, it automatically helps to create a clear audit trail that accounts for the movement of all issued visitor access cards. Detailed records of the audit trail are able to tell front desk security administrators which visitor was issued which access card, at what time and date.

7. Building Security Access Control

7. Better Building Facility Security Access Control

Visitor management system can help to maintain safety and security at a corporate building premises during a large scale expansion construction where there is a high and daily movement of visitors from a variety of companies, ranging from contractor, consultants, and vendor. It helps to streamlines entry and enrollment process for staff, vendors and other visitors while enabling the facility security to “watch out” for unwelcome visitors. For such a scenario, a visitor management system plays an important function of verifying the contractors’ identity, monitor their sign in and sign out movement and time attendance data, and alerts them when they are due for certain safety training certification renewal.

8. Evacuation list Generation

8. Evacuation List Generation to Facilitate Building Evacuation

By tracking the staff who scan in and out of the system, the visitor management system is able to generate a list of staff who are still in the building premises. This allows for a more efficient and speedier evacuation of occupants in a building premises that has been compromised.

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Visitor Access Control System

1. Streamline Visitor Registration Process

2. Seamless Access Control Integration

2. Seamless Access Control Integration

3. Fast Issuance of Access Credentials

3. Fast Issuance of Access Credentials

4. Self-Expiration & Remote Deactivation of Access Credentials

4. Self-Expiration & Remote Deactivation of Access Credentials

5. No More Unaccounted Pre-registered Access Cards

5. No More Unaccounted Pre-registered Access Cards

 6. Audit Trail for Better Accountability of Access Cards

6. Audit Trail for Better Accountability of Access Cards

7. Building Security Access Control

7. Building Security Access Control

Why Choose Us

1. End-to-End Visitor Access Control Integration & Automation

1. End-to-End Integration & Automation of Visitor Access Control Process

Through the use of this software, it is able to automate the end-to-end process of the visitor enrollment process, from initial registration, screening, right up to the creation and issuance of the visitor access card.

Automatic Creation of Unique Visitor Access Credential

Every time there is a visitor registration into the visitor management system, the new entry will trigger the creation of a new access card user and access credential for the building access control system. Depending on the type of access control system used, the authenticating credential used which is unique ID number generated on the spot by the visitor management system, can either be a 1. Barcode, or 2. RFID Proximity Access card.

Simplify Visitor Management Process

The visitor management station is able to support axillary hardware attachment, such as RFID proximity access card scanner or Barcode scanner via the USB connector interface. This helps to greatly simplify and streamline the visitor check in, check out process.

2. Customized Visitor Access Permission Level

2. Customized Visitor Access Control Permission Level

Where appropriate, a customized level of access clearance can be configured base on the needs of the visitor. Correspondingly, a matching user category can also be pre-configured using the visitor access control graphical user interface (GUI) This uniquely assigned access permission level ensures that the visitor management system is able to grant visitor selective access to specific areas in the building that they are only supposed to access.

3. Secure Checkout

3. Secure Building Facility Checkout

During visitor check out, the visitor management software will instantaneously activate the deletion of the visitor user account and visitor access credential from the access control database.

4. Multiple Visitor Management Platforms

4. Available in a Wide Variety of Visitor Management Platforms

The security Visitor Management software operates on a Windows operating system and can be easily installed and configured on a range of visitor management platforms, such as

1. Visitor self-registration station 2. Visitor Management Kiosk
3. Front desk Reception work station

What is the Problem with Using a Visitor Sign-in Book?

At present, most businesses are still using visitor log book as a mean of carrying out visitor management, let alone having a visitor management system integrated with access control systems Although paper-based visitor log books seem like a simple, cheap and easy visitor management solution, it provides almost no security, but in fact, exposes the company more security vulnerability. This lack of a proper visitor management system in place can cause potential security issues such as

1. illegible, Omitted, or False information

1. illegible Handwriting, Accidental Omission, False information

Manual entries by visitors are often plagued with illegible handwriting, accidental omission of time entries and even false information, which is hard to verify.

2. Poor Corporate Branding Image

2. Poor Corporate Branding Image & Affect Confidence

The use of a paper visitor log book projects a poor corporate image and implies weakness in the company overall security. This can affect confidence in 1st-time visitors, who could be important prospective customers, clients, or investors.

3. Unsecured Confidential Information

3. Lack of Privacy of Confidential Information

Having the visitor records written on the visitor logbook means that their confidential information is easily exposed to another visitor to see. This means that there is a Lack of privacy of visitor confidential personal information. If the visitor is a competitor, he or she can easily figure out who your customers are and possibly what projects you are working on, thereby jeopardizing your business competitiveness.

4. Facilitate Building Evacuation

4. Facilitate Urgent Building Facility Evacuation

Especially during an emergency situation, such as an urgent evacuation of the building due to a fire outbreak, occupants and visitors have to be quickly accounted for. The visitor records collected in a sign-in book simply cannot offer the speed and reliability of presenting the latest list of visitor still present in the building.

Why is Integration of Access Control Needed?

Why is Integration of Access Control Needed for the Visitor Management Process? 

Integration of the visitor management system with an existing access control system is recommended when authorized visitors are allowed to move within the building facility unescorted. This is because, in such a scenario, the host employee is not present with the visitor to provide the access control credential needed to gain entry through a particular electronically locked door. When the visitor management system is integrated with the company’s access control, you are able to

1. Allow authorized visitors who are unescorted to gain access control rights through selected doors in the building facility.
2. Restrict registered visitors to have access permission rights to only building areas that they are authorized to enter.
3. Track visitor movement activity as they scan their visitor access pass to move around the building facility
What are the Security Risks of a lack of integrated Visitor Management Process?
What are the Security Risks of a lack of integration between a Visitor Management Process & Access Control Process?

1. Inefficient Process which is Time Consuming

When the visitor management process is done in isolation independent from the visitor access control card management process, it results in a disjointed 2 step workflow process which is inefficient and time-consuming.

2. Security Risk of Pre-prepared Visitor Access Cards

Often in an attempt reduce the visitor wait time, the front desk reception management staff would stand by a stack of live, pre-enrolled RFID proximity access card at the reception area. This enables a quicker issuing of the visitor access card on the spot shortly after the visitor has arrived at the entrance Although this practice of pre-preparing a number of visitor access control cards seems logical and acceptable, it presents a number of security risks, such as

1. Lack of Accountability of Access Card

As the generic visitor access card is not uniquely tagged to the visitor identity, there is usually no audit trail of which visitor card was issued to which visitor. This makes it hard to trace the card usage history in the event that it is lost or stolen.

2. Theft of card by Unauthorized Person

Visitor access cards which are readily usable for access into the building can easily be stolen from the front desk reception if left unattended. This unaccounted lost card could land in the wrong hands and be exploited by trespassers to gain illegitimate access to the building facility.

3. Visitor leaving the Facility with the Visitor Access Card

When a visitor leaves the building facility after their appointment, they could intentionally or unintentionally leave the premises with the building visitor access card in their possession. If the visitor card is unaccounted for, the visitor can now freely exploit the card to gain unauthorized entry into the building facility in the future.

Security Challenges of Effective Visitor Management
Security Challenges of Ensuring an Effective Visitor Management Process Companies in today’s dynamic security landscape are exposed to a broad range of evolving threats and risk. One of the main challenges is in safeguarding the security of building facilities. This typically involves managing and tracking the access control of authorized visitor and various personnel coming in and out of the building facility on a daily basis. The main difficulty in implementing such an access control is in having an automated process to accurately differentiating between genuine visitors and visitors with no valid reason for requesting entry access into the building.

Striking a Balance Between Security & Convenience

Another challenge of implementing a visitor management system is in striking a balance between enforcing a tight in visitor access security and at the same time ensuring an unhindered free flow of human traffic in and out of the organization. If a visitor management process is not effective, it may result in undesirable inconveniences, such as long wait time and queue congestions at the entrance reception area.

Diverse Category of Visitors Each with Different Access Levels

An effective visitor management also demands the system to be able to discern between the different classifications of visitors and granting them an appropriate level of physical access permission when entering the building facility. To illustrate the complexity of the visitor management task, the categories of visitor types can include for example,

1. 3rd party service contractors
2. Prospective clients
3. Business partners and investors
4. Delivery personnel
5. Volunteers
6. Company Vendors & suppliers

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