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Web Based Visitor Management System

Web Based Visitor Management system by VMS Singapore is a cost effective visitor management system solution popularly adopted by companies in Singapore to effectively identify, track, and monitor visitor movement coming in and out of their office buildings on a daily basis.


Challenges of Visitor Management

Security Challenges

With these hordes of visitors entering an office building daily, it means that companies are exposed to very real security risks of intrusion by unauthorized personnel, such as Competitors attempting corporate espionage, illegitimate intruders, Vandals and even terrorist. Any Lapses in compliance to an organization visitor Screening procedures and Security protocols can compromise the safety & security of your employees, clients, tenants, and physical and intellectual assets in your organization.

Logistic Challenges

The significant daily visitor foot traffic movement coming in and out of commercial buildings presents a considerable logistical and management challenge for companies and businesses organization in Singapore every day. As not all visitors are actually authorized or have a valid reason to enter the building, there is a need for a reliable visitor check-in registration management process that is accurate yet quick at distinguishing between a genuine visitor from an ‘unwanted’ visitors.

Types of Visitor Categories

On a daily basis, the incoming traffic of visitors visiting a building can belong to one of the broad categories, namely,

1. 3rd party service provider & Contractors
2. Prospective clients, and customers
3. Existing Employees from an overseas office
4. Contract Staff/temporary employee
5. Office Tenant
6. Visiting Volunteers


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Web Based Visitor Management System

1. Screening of Visitor Information Against an Existing Database

2. Automated Self-Serviced Visitor Registration

2. Automated Self-Serviced Visitor Registration

3. Accurate & Quick Capture of Visitor Information

3. Accurate & Quick Capture of Visitor Information

4. Ensure Compliance with Visitation Security Policies

4. Enforcement of Visitation Policies

5. Web-based Accessibility

5. Web-based Accessibility

6. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Process

6. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Process

7. Secure User Authentication

7. Secure User Authentication

Why Choose Us

1. Seamless Integration

1. Seamless Integration with Existing Security Systems

Our web-based visitor management system is designed to integrate with most industry standard Access control and Security surveillance monitoring systems. This ensures smooth functionality and an integrated building security operation, allowing commercial buildings to identify, track and monitor the people entering their premises.

Tight Integration with existing Access Control Systems to Further improve Security

The system modules are integrable with your building’s existing RFID proximity or Barcode access control systems, to granted entry access to authorized visitors. This helps to provide authorized personnel seamless access to specific sections of building that they are allowed to enter, while at the same time prevent entry into restricted areas of the building.

Integration with CCTV Surveillance System

Incorporating with an element of integration an existing CCTV system with your visitor management system allows security staff to have a visual read to monitor all visitors who enter the building facility.

2. Keeping Everyone in the Loop

2. Integration with SMS/Email Notification System

The system is able to update hosting staff and visitors of important appointment information via custom SMS or Email reminder notification Examples of Appointment information includes

1. Visitor sign in arrival time, sign out departure time
2. Reminders regarding upcoming scheduled appointments
3. Notification alerts to relevant parties in the event that a visitor has overstayed their scheduled appointment.
4. Authentication of visitor mobile number through sending of verification code to their mobile number provided

This alert notification helps you to secure your building facility more robustly.

3. Scalable Implementation

3. Multiple installations for a Scalable Deployment

A web based visitor management system is a scalable solution that is able to help you to effectively manage visitor access control of visitors and employees into premises with multiple building facilities. The web based visitor management software is able to be deployed in multiple installations in more than one work stations and can accommodate multiple user employees.

Problems with Using Visitor Log Books

These days, it is still a common sight to see companies use simple paper visitor logbook manage the signing-in and signing-out of visitors. Although such visitor management methods are cheap and easy to implement, the fact is that it practically provides very little to no security protection for the building facility.

1. Seamless Integration

1. Unreliable, Unverifiable & Inaccurate Visitor Records

Some of the problems that can arise from the use of a visitor log book includes

1. Illegible visitor handwritten entries
2. Visitor information which is provided on a self-declared basis are Unverifiable and could be false
3. Omission of certain visitor entries due to poor compliance with proper visitor check-in procedures

All this lack of reliability and inaccuracy of the visitor records means that it is practically unusable when there is a need to trace back visitor information and records Because of all the above-mentioned problems associated with a visitor log book, it is it is almost impossible to use a visitor log book to quickly determine and account for who is still in the building in the event that there is an urgent emergency building evacuation, perhaps due to a fire outbreak.

2. Lack of Visitor Information Privacy

2. Unsecured Confidential Visitor and Company information

In addition to unreliable and in accurate visitor records, a visitor log book result in unnecessary exposure of confidential Visitor Information for everyone to see, leading to serious problems such as

1. Leakage of visitor’s private personal information such as NRIC, mobile contact number etc.
2. Leakage of previous Visitor information which can be easily seen by visiting vendors who are working closely with competitors, or visiting competitor.

Using this information, competitors can easily figure out your clients and projects that you are working on, thus jeopardizing your business competitiveness.

3. Poor Corporate Image

3. Poor Professional Corporate Image

The use of an outdated means of visitor management, such as Paper visitor logbooks, and hand-written self-adhesive visitor badges, can project a Negative Perception of the Company image and affect visitor confidence and impression of the company.

Features & Benefits of Web Based Visitor Management System 

Benefits of using a visitor management system to replace an outdated visitor log book includes

1. Durability & Reliability

1. Ability to Screen Visitor Information Against an Existing Database

A visitor management system can help you to safeguard your building premises against potential intrusion by uninvited individuals.
Base on the visitor identification information captured, the smart visitor recognition system is able to screen the visitor data against an internal database of blacked visitors prior to granting them entry.

Database of Blacklisted Visitors to Deny Entry

Our web based visitor management software allows you to easily compile a watch list of blacklisted visitors. This database of blacklisted visitors serves as an effective reference point for the system to identify and highlight specific visitors that is found to be blacklisted.
When an individual visitor is highlighted to be blacklisted, it allows the front desk security staff to deny entry to the particular visitor.
Examples of individuals that you can include in your list of blacklisted visitors include

1. Disgruntled former Ex-employees,
2. Ex-offenders with records of criminal history,
3. Employees of Competitor company
4. Contractor worker with invalid work permit etc.
5. 3rd party contractor with a history of unscrupulous dealings
6. Specific person who have malicious intent
In the event that there is a positive match, a security alert SMS will be sent to the relevant personnel to inform of the blacklisted visitor identified.

Security Alert Notification

The web based visitor management system features an automatic security alert notification function that informs you in a timely manner when an unauthorized visitor who is listed in the visitor watch-list is found to have arrived and signed into the facility.

Database of Whitelisted Visitors

In addition to screening visitors against a database of blacklisted visitors who are undesired, a database of white listed visitors can similarly be created to allow the visitor management system to recognize important visitor and guest.
When an individual is identified as listed in the watch-list of whitelisted visitor, it allows front desk customer service staff to render extra care and attention when interacting with the more important visitor.
Examples of white-listed visitors can include

1. Company Management, such as the Board of Directors
2. Prospective Company investors
3. Business Partners
4. VIP guest and delegates

This automated recognition of whitelisted and blacklisted visitors allows front desk reception staff to treat the visitors highlighted appropriately as needed.

External Database 

To take things one step further, visitors can also be screen against external watch list database, such as

1. Registry of Ex-offenders with Criminal history
2. Registry of registered foreign workers
2. Self-Serviced Visitor Registration for Greater Automation

2. Self Service capability for Greater Automation

Improve Workforce Productivity

With the visitor registration automation provided by the web based visitor management system, it helps to

1. Eliminate need for manual data entry 2. Free up reception staff time and increases your workforce overall productivity
3. Provide a Personalized service with attention to detail, which helps to give a professional appearance

Self Check-in & Self Check-Out

Our self-service registration kiosk that works with the web based visitor management system helps to reduce the dependency on a lobby customer service staff. By issuing temporary self-expiring visitor ID Badge pass with a scan-able access control barcode, visitors such as Supplier, Vendors and 3rd party service contractors are now able to check-in and out independently from your office building simply by scanning a barcode printed on the visitor pass. This also allows for visitor time-in & time-out Information is accurately recorded in real time and visible to security rooms

3. Accurately & Quick Capture of Visitor Information

3. Fast & Accurate Capture of Detailed Visitor information for Efficient check-in

Using the integrated IR Barcode reader scanning feature, critical visitor personal information can be seamlessly captured and quickly collected simply by scanning a variety of compatible photo ID, such as Driver’s license, Military License, Employee Pass, and NRIC personal ID card
This information includes 1. Visitor’s name, Organization, contact number, Purpose of visit, Host employee name, and duration of the appointment.
For added security, biometric authentication can be incorporated into the visitor management system by integrating a biometric reader to capture visitor biometric credentials, such as fingerprint impression, thumb print, and finger vein patterns.
In addition, integration with existing CCTV surveillance camera or Web cam can be done to allow for the capturing of visitor face facial features to support easy visitor recognition by the front desk reception and security staff.

4. Enforcement of Visitation Policies

4. Ensure Compliance with Visitation Security Policies

For secure buildings with high-security clearance, where visitors are required to comply with strict security policies, Visitors are required to comply with security policies such as

1. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
2. No possession of any image capturing devices or removable memory information storage device, where they are required to declare and surrender possession of any such devices at the visitor lobby before allowed to be granted entry.

Collection of Visitor Acknowledgment

To obtain an official acknowledgment from visitors concerning specific visitation rules and regulations, the web based visitor management user interface can be easily configured to obtain the visitor’s digital signature. This can either be input into the system simply by signing on a signature capture page shown on the capacitive touch screen provided.

5. Web-based Accessibility

5. Web-based System Accessibility

Our visitor management system is built based on a web-based platform that is Cross compatible with all web browser. This means that the system’s visitor management data is Accessible 24/7 anytime from any internet connected workstation or mobile device, making it an extremely scalable system solution which is suitable for organizations of all sizes.

No Software Installation Needed

The added benefit of a Web-based system is that there is no need for manual download and installation of any software or periodic software updates. *Note that the web based visitor management software is installed on a web server. For customers who do not have their own web server, VMS Singapore provides a hosting service for an annual fee.

6. Streamlined Visitor Check-in Process

6. Streamlined Visitor Registration & Enrollment Process

The key to a quick and efficient visitor check-in process is by having a fast information processing speed. Our barcode scanning reader built into the system is able to instantly capture all the necessary information from the visitor’s identity card provided (this includes NRIC identity card, driver’s license, or employee’s ID)

Visitor Pre-Registration

As part of a Secure Visitor Management solution, the web-based visitor management system offers a visitor pre-registration functionality via the intranet/Internet. This means that authorized host employees can easily and quickly pre-register visitors via the online web-based application within seconds to help them schedule an appointment even before their arrival. This helps to significantly cut down on the visitor’s check-in registration wait time to literally seconds from the time they arrive at the lobby right to the point where they have issued the visitor badge pass. From a security point of view, this helps to offer an additional layer of secure check-in process to more tightly control who is authorized to access a particular area in a facility.

7. Secure User Authentication

7. Secure Multi-modes of User Authentication

After the 1st visit, when the visitor comes back for the subsequent visits, they can be quickly be authenticated and granted access using a variety of authentication methods, such as

1. Biometric Fingerprint credential
2. Smart Biometric Facial recognition

2FA Authentication for Added Security

For an added layer of security safeguard, multiple authentication methods can be used together to create a 2-factor authentication.

8. Visitor Report Generation

8. Automated Visitor Report Generation

The visitor management reporting system allows you to easily generate tracking and analysis report on visitor data across multiple locations. This helps to prevent the messiness of a paper based visitor logging system. Summary reports of historical visit log can be exported in various formats to quickly keep track on all visitors within the building. This helps to facilitate the accounting of all visitors during an emergency building evacuation scenario, where the reported accuracy can literally be a matter of life or death.

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