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Visitor Tracking System 

Visitor Tracking System solutions by VMS Singapore is an affordable visitor manager solution designed to help provide for your company business with your security visitor monitoring and managing needs. The task of carrying out the visitor identity information capture, process of data authentication, and management tracking of security systems in the professional business workplace setting is dynamically evolving in recent years with the focus towards safe guarding against exposure to a new list of safety and security risk, such as terror attacks, illegitimate intrusion to commit theft of company assets, and corporate espionage. This requires the use of a Visitor registration management system product feature which allows better user administrative support and is able to offer superior security products and services for both guest and staff by allowing you to better check and authenticate, track and monitor visitor log record data, and manage who is entering the premises, who is currently in the facility at the moment, and who has departed from the facility.Challenges of Visitor Management

Challenges of Visitor Management

On a day to day basis, organizations are faced with the challenging job of having to identify, register, and manage a large inflow of guest traffic coming in and out of the office building facilities and vehicle car park. The variety of visitors involved are very diverse and can include present and prospective customers, 3rd party engineering suppliers, overseas mobile employees, Contract service maintenance work staff, competitors, VIPs guests, friends and relatives, and sometimes even unidentified people who just walk in without a prior appointment record. Base on the objective of and purpose for their visit, not all visitors are supposed to be granted entry. On a case by case basis, some visitors actually need to be denied entry at the reception, whereas other visitors can only be granted access to allow entry only to specific areas within the building. There can also be variations in terms of the duration of their visit, where some visitors are only visiting for a short duration, whereas others need to visit daily for the subsequent days and even weeks, for a prolonged period of time. Put an end to this visitor management challenges by implementing a visitor tracking system today.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Tracking System

1. Real-Time Location Tracking of Visitor

2. Reduce Unproductive Administration Task

2. Reduce Unproductive Administration Task

3. Visitor Registration Automation

3. Visitor Registration Automation

4. Fast Retrieval of Visitor Logs

4. Fast Retrieval of Visitor Logs

5. Real-time Identification & Monitoring of Visitors

5. Real-time Identification & Monitoring of Visitors

6. Pre-Appointment Scheduling

6. Pre-Appointment Scheduling

7. Integration with Time & Attendance

7. Integration with Time & Attendance

Why Choose Us

1. Visitor Registration Automation

1. Automated Visitor Enrollment Feature

With the visitor identity management system, you have the ability to capture visitor data off a wide variety of identity card, such as NRIC identify the card, Driver’s license, Military SAF ID, Student card and then auto populate that data into the visitor identity manager. To do that, the front desk receptionist simply have to scan their ID card with the card reader using either one of the following options

1. Photographic scanning where the optical character recognition (OCR) software module feature is able to self-recognize the information printed on the ID card.
2. Scanning of the visitor data stored in the magnetic stripe
3. Reading of the 2D barcode at the back of the Visitor’s ID card

This helps to speed up the visitor enrollment process much quicker, easier. It also makes the process less prone to error, as it can eliminate common issues associated with manual data entry, such as slow rate of data entry into the VMS system, as well as human input errors, where omissions are made in typing of the name.

2. Real-Time Location Tracking of Visitor

2. Real-Time Visitor Position Location Tracking

As the visitor moves around in the building facility, their movement and location are detected and updated in real-time with pin point accuracy using the visitor tracking and monitoring system solution. It works by issuing individual RFID visitor badge pass, which is easy to be detected and read by UHF RFID readers as the visitor physically enters into a secured areas within the building premises.

Full Visibility for Effective Visitor Tracking

The visitor tracking management system offers you a complete visibility and search traceability of the overall status of all current visitors, such as

1. Whether they are currently still on site at the premises
2. Whether they have exceeded their allotted scheduled appointment timing
3. Whether the visitors within the building are where they are supposed to be and not in areas which they are not unauthorized to enter

This systematic visitor tracking helps to create an evidence grade audit trail, which helps to increase accountability and traceability in your organization.

3. Integration with Time & Attendance

3. Seamless Integration with Time & Attendance Functionality

Base on your requirements, integration with Time and Attendance application can also be done to enable the visitor management system to automatically record the man hours, and time in and time out of both your employees and visitors. This integration with time attendance functionality of the access control system provides staff with the convenience of a single card solution, whereby it enables employees to clock in and clock out of their attendance using the same Proximity smart card. As your business scales, and requires from you a greater amount of your time and attention, managing and monitoring the absenteeism and daily attendance of your employees can be a serious challenge. With the time attendance functionality of the visitor management system, you can conveniently capture the hour’s clock for each appointment in your company by getting your employees to simply clock in and clock out by tapping their employee ID smart card. This gives you a cost effective and not disruptive way to track and account for your team’s presence even while you are on the mobile and out of office. An added benefit of this is that it supports you in ensuring compliance with MOM regulations and policies.

Features & Benefits of Visitor Tracking System

1. Reduce Unproductive Administration Task

1. Reduce Reliance on Unproductive Administration Task

With the identity manager module of the VMS visitor management software, you are able to accurately identify and quickly enroll your volunteers simply by scanning their NRIC card, Driver’s license card or Passport. With each scan, the identity manager will auto-populate the visitor profile with all the relevant information captured. This will help to eliminate unproductive and repetitive administrative data entry tasks and asking the same questions between the front desk staff and the visitor (such as What is your Name, what is your NRIC, purpose of visit ..etc)

2. Fast Retrieval of Visitor Logs

2. Searchable Visitor Log for Fast data Retrieval

With a visitor tracking system, you are able to trace precisely who has checked in and out of your facilities at any specific point in time. The visitor management application features a database Search and retrieval function, which has convenient filtering options, that enables you to filter base on Name, time and date of visit, company, host name, host department, and purpose of visit. It is also able to compile and integrate with a printer to print quality statistical reports on historical records of visits made to give useful insights and details on visitor behavior, such as the distribution of the visitor profile, time period of peak traffic etc.

Ensure Life Safety of Visitors – for Emergency Evacuations Roll Calls

With a visitor management system (VMS) report printing function, you are able to immediately generate a visitor report and know precisely who is in your facility in an event of an emergency. For instances, in the event of an evacuation during a fire outbreak or power outrage, the safety supervisor coordinating the evacuation is able to quickly know who exactly is in the building premises, and check that everyone has made it out safely. In this aspect, a visitor management system can arguably save the life of the visitor still in the building.

3. Real-time Identification & Monitoring of Visitors

3. Monitor and Identification of Visitors in Real-time

The VMS visitor management system has an online repository which securely stores the record all visitor data and visits history. At the end of the day, you’ll receive a report of every visitor activity interaction with your front desk.

4. Pre-Appointment Scheduling

4. Advance Pre Appointment Booking for Reception Efficiency

Expected visitors in remote locations can easily pre-book themselves in advance into the registration system by accessing a web-based portal. As a host, you can also pre-register and book an appointment time slot in advance for your visitors. This enables the visitor management system to be automatically pre-populated with the visitor data, making the actual visitor identification & enrollment process even Quicker, Easy, and more Efficient. By pre-registering, it also allows the reception front desk to know and anticipate who is coming and when.

5. Visitor ID Badge Pass Printer

5. Temporary Visitor ID Badge card Printer

Barcode printer can be used to quickly generate temporary pass, in the form of a high-quality self-adhesive sticker with a barcode for every visitor. This allows your company staff to make clear visual identification of all visitors as they move around within the building. Base on your requirements, a photograph of the visitor can also be captured using an integrated camera and printed on the visitor temporary pass If needed, the barcode printer can also be programmed to print queue numbers, if there is a need for queue management functionalities during peak periods of visitor traffic. As the temporary pass is for single-use only and dispose of after the visitor appointment, it frees up your receptionist from the burden of Tracking and retrieval of the issued visitor passes at the end of each day.

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