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Visitor Badge System

Visitor Badge System by VMS Singapore is an innovative and effective visitor manager solution. It is designed for easy use by front desk personnel to meet your security visitor management solutions needs, without hindering the productivity of your key day to day business operations.
In addition, the design of the visitor registration system also offers you the benefits of automating your visitor enrollment process elegantly, which allows you to pin point and identify monitor and track and manage your visitors more efficiently without the need for investing in additional costly front desk service staff.


Challenges of Visitor Management

In the current age of dynamic business work environment, Companies and organizations have to deal with the challenges of managing the influx of a large number of visitors on a daily basis. This consist of a diverse range of people, such as prospective and existing customer, 3rd party engineering maintenance service contractors and suppliers, employees and work colleagues from overseas office, relatives and friends, and occasionally even unidentified personnel who just walk in and shows up on site to register in the lobby without any prior appointment. On an individual case by case basis, each of the visitors has to be identified, verified for their information data provided and reasons for visiting, and tracked as they are granted access and move around in the building facilities.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Types of Visitor Badge Pass

Depending on the nature of the visitor’s visit, as well as the duration of the visit, different types of the pass can be used.

1. RFID-based Visitor Badge

1. RFID-based Visitor Badge Pass (PVC smart card)

A proper visitor badge pass is suitable for visitors who are visiting the company on a regular basis for an extended period of time. The includes, for example, student interns, contract staff, 3rd party service contractors, such as construction workers, on site auditors. This type of Badge pass is particularly suitable for companies and organization with high-security requirements, due to the confidential nature of their work, and the sensitive information that they are handling. Examples include governmental organization facilities, and military defense organizations, where they are dealing with potentially proprietary and sensitive information. An RFID-based visitor badge pass has the following advantages:

1. Able to provide a tailored access control privileges to ensure that the visitor only has access to locations within the building that they are supposed to access. This helps to guard against unauthorized access to restricted places.
2. Able to support a more comprehensive storage of vital information concerning the visitor, such as the visitor’s name, the name of company or organization he/she is from or affiliated with, the purpose of visit, Name of the host, appointment start and end time, telephone contact number etc.
3. Allows for integration with existing access control readers, to create an evidence grade audit trail of visitor interaction and movement within the company.
2. Barcode-based Visitor Badge

2. Barcode-based Visitor Badge Pass

If budget is a concern, a Barcode-based visitor pass is a cheaper and equally effective alternative to the RFID-based Badge pass, which also allows for the recording and storing of visitor information. For easy visual identification and monitoring of visitor movement in the building facility, it is highly recommended that all visitors should be issued and made to wear the visitor badge as they move around the building.

3. Temporary Visitor Pass

3. Temporary Self-Adhesive Visitor Badge Pass

For visitors who are visiting at the company for a short duration, temporary visitor pass in the form of a self-adhesive sticker can be issued to the visitor. For additional visual verification, a photograph of the visitor’s face captured using an integrated web based camera can be included in the visitor pass.

4. Self-Expiring Visitor Pass

4. Self-Expiring Visitor Badge pass

To prevent abuse and reuse of the temporary visitor badge by the visitor to gain unauthorized access to subsequent visits to the company, we also provide temporary visitor badge with self-expiring features, which shows and reveal an ‘invalid’ watermark on the badge after a designated number of hours.

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Badge System

1. Quick Visitor Pass Generation

2. Fast Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Fast Visitor Enrollment Process

3. Visitor Access Control

3. Visitor Access Control

4. Emergency Evacuation Notification

4. Emergency Evacuation Notification

Why Choose Us

1. Positive Visitor Experience

1. Positive Visitor Interaction Experience

When your visitors first arrive at the lobby, they would be greeted by an intuitive touchscreen system that is personalized and branded to promote your company or school organization.
The self sign-in process is extremely fast and simple, whereby the user simply follows the on-screen prompts.
Base on your security management needs and requirements, we can include the following options, such as

1. Image capture – through integration with an existing CCTV surveillance camera systems to capture visitor’s facial image, an image of the visitor’s face can be inserted into the visitor photo ID badge card, so that it can proceed to be printed quickly and easily
2. Inclusion of a Signature capture page during the initial sign in process to allow you to capture their consent with certain terms and security policies of your company (e.g. non-disclosure agreement (NDA), no carrying of any data storage media)
3. The inclusion of a Visitor policy acknowledgment page to enhance compliance with company security policies.
2. Scalable Visitor Management Solution

2. Scalable Visitor Management System Solution

VMS visitor management system is designed to work in any building no matter what your size is, or a number of visitors you have on a daily basis. It is a completely scalable solution, which allows you to get started simply with just the features you need today. As your security requirements expand along the way in the future, you can add more optional product features.

Appointment Management

The visitor management software application module also features visitor appointment management functions to coordinate appointment booking schedules for employees within the company.

Contractor Management

The VMS software also features a contractor management module suitable for a wide variety of businesses to manage the specific individual details of their 3rd party contractors, such as their contractor company name, duration of the contract work, and nature of services. This offers you a more effective management of resources and contractors, which is so vital in today’s highly competitive business environment.

3. Visitor Compliance with Security Policies

3. Visitor Compliance with Company Security Policies

A visitor management system can play a role to ensure that your visitors are aware of, and legally acknowledge the company’s security policies that visitors need to follow as they enter the building. For example, to prevent the theft of confidential propriety company intellectual information assets and sensitive trade secrets, a signature capture page can be shown on the visitor management touch screen interface, to capture the signature acknowledgment by the visitor to surrender any image capturing devices and removable data storage media devices. Without a visitor management system in place, any lapse in the proper identification of visitor can compromise the security and safety of your intellectual, human, and physical assets, resulting in serious consequences of financial loss and possible damage to the company brand image, profitability, and productivity.

Benefits of Visitor Badge vs Temporary Adhesive Labels

Advantage of Visitor Badge over Temporary Adhesive Visitor Labels

Although temporary adhesive visitor labels are a simple solution perfect for visitors coming into the building for a short period of time, say 30-40 minutes, the problem with this temporary labels is that they have a tendency to fall off after a while as they move around the facility. A superior alternative to temporary visitor adhesive labels is the Visitor badge cards, which are a form of preprinted RFID -based PVC badge with a built in RFID chip to store visitor information. This means that every time a visitor is being checked into the facility, the visitor can be automatically associated with the unique ID number of the issued visitor badge. When the visitor leaves the building facility, the card can simply be returned back to the front desk reception, where it can be reused and reassigned to another subsequent visitor who comes in later in that day. This means that you do not have to deal with the recurring cost of purchasing supplies of consumable adhesive tags and printing of temporary badge, which can be costly to maintain over a long period of time.

Features & Benefits of Visitor Badge System

1. Quick Visitor Pass Generation

1. Fast Visitor Pass Generation

Registering your visitors and printing a temporary batch for them is an extremely Fast and Easy registration process.
Simply within a few clicks of a mouse on the visitor management software module, you can start and configure a new visitor check in record log, with options for you to select the (1) Pass type, (2) Destination, (3) Purpose of Visit and (3) Host name.
During the preview of the badge, you can instantly print the badge and hand it to the person to wear during their visit.
This badge printing system is completely customizable. You can decide and configure the titles on the

1. Classification types of visitors you will be processing
2. Names of departments that will be visited
3. Purpose of Visit
2. Fast Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Quicker Visitor Enrollment Process

Make your visitor enrollment process comes across as much more efficient and more professional, where there is no need to ask the visitor the same series of questions repeatedly. In fact, with the visitor badge system, the check in process can be completed within a few seconds. All this helps to eliminate long queues, keep wait time to a minimal, improve customer service experience, and substantially improving an important positive first impression of the organization being visited.

3. Visitor Access Control

3. Effective & Secure Visitor Access Control

A visitor management system helps to provide the access control management of visitors, where they are selectively allowed to be granted entry only to specific areas within the building facilities where they are authorized to enter, and at the same time, refused entry, when they attempt to gain entry to out of bound restricted areas in the building, such as laboratories, server rooms, or key military installations.

4. Emergency Evacuation Notification

4. Emergency Building Evacuation Alert Notification

When the need arises, the VMS visitor badge system has the feature to remotely alert all personnel and staff with emergency notification on their mobile phone app in the event of an emergency incident. A reporting feature can also be used to generate an attendance list of all the current visitors to facilitate the evacuation roll call process

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