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Security Visitor Management System

Security Visitor Management System in Singapore plays a vital role within the ecosystem of security access control solution implementation in your organization. It offers you the capability to have the situational awareness to know who visited your building facilities, at what time, and for what purpose.

But more importantly, it plays the pivotal role of allowing you to be able to discern between legitimate visitors who should be given access and unauthorized visitors who should be banned from entry during registration. It helps you to manage, track, and record from start to end every single visitor’s visit log into your organizations, from the initial enrollment process, right to the checking out of the visitor when his visit has ended.

The security landscape that companies are facing with today has changed dramatically in the recent years. Every day companies and businesses are faced with problems of having to deal with Workplace violence, industrial espionage from business competitors and the threat of global terrorism on the safety and security of service personnel, work employees, tenant and company property assets.

When companies and organizations have key building entrances that aren’t secure, they are in fact very vulnerable and exposed to all sorts of security risks as well as potential legal liabilities (due to negligence to implement sufficient entrance visitor security). The use of a comprehensive electronic visitor management system that comprises of software management module tools, ID validation solutions and authentication hardware systems, combined with a physical barriers access control implementation and a well-designed lobby layout, can provide you with the capability to keep the wrong visitors away, and let the right people in, with speed and efficiency.

Importance of Building Entrance Security as the First Line of Defense

Importance of Building Entrance Security as the First Line of Defense

Because your building entrance reception site is exposed to a huge traffic of external visitors coming in and out of the company on a daily basis, it is probably the single-most important high-security risk area in any building or facility where protecting the life safety of personnel and protecting of a property is paramount. Because there is always a possibility of an intruder with malicious intent attempting to trespass via the entrance into the building at any one time, a complete visitor management system must be put in place to flawless facilitates a comprehensive building security physically, electronically and procedurally. From the stand point of meeting your security needs, an effective visitor management is about controlling personnel access in and out of your building, enhancing awareness of who’s in the building facility, and ensuring accountability over of your visitors and employees. With a visitor sign-in management system and related security products in place, it helps to act as a form of security access control, and as the 1st line of defense to safeguard the building facility against acts of crime, intrusion attempts and even threats of terrorism. In the event, if a potentially armed intruder who has the intent to caused harm to employees within the building attempt to gain entry into the building, the RFID visitor management system or Biometric visitor management system would pro actively deny entry to the intruder. Typically when a would-be terrorist bomber wants to execute a bombing attack, they would usually carry out an actual preliminary walk through of the building facility layout to allow themselves to orientate and facilitate the planning of the attack. Such attempts at gathering information and data of buildings layout can easily be stopped with an effective front desk entrance reception security.

Security Benefits of a Visitor Management System over Visitor Log Book

Security Advantages of a Visitor Management System over Visitor Log Book

A digitalized visitor management workflow trumps traditional paper logbook based system when it comes to security. An electronic visitor management system provides an evidence grade audit trail that provides visibility and accountability over the management of visitors. When building facilities are solely dependent on paper logbooks, commonly reusable visitor badges passes and front desk security guards to manage daily incoming visitors, security breaches can occur more readily than if a built for purpose visitor management systems is used. Some of the disadvantages of a paper visitor log book include:

1. Unreliable Visitor Information

Visitor details manually written in the paper log book are often illegible or even falsified. This means that the records in the visitor log books are not reliable and there is no way to verify if the visitor is who they claim they are.

2. Leakage of Confidential Visitor information

Competitors from rival companies, intruders, and External Contractors can read through your visitor log book and gain potentially confidential information about your business operations. Overall this can put the company in a negative light situation as it demonstrates a lack of professionalism in handling visitor’s personal information (such as NRIC identification number, mobile contact number, and company name etc)

3. Abuse of Share Visitor Pass

Shared visitor passes can easily get lost for when any visitors can intentionally neglect to sign out and avoid returning their visitor badge. This means that your company visitor pass can possibly get into the wrong hands, whereby any unauthorized visitors can use the unreturned badges to infiltrate your building premises and gain unrestricted access to your staff, restricted high-security zones, company critical equipment asset, or proprietary company information/data (eg. information-storage server center)


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Security Visitor Management System

1. Boost Productivity through Automation

2. Providing Professional Business interaction

2. Providing Professional Business interaction

3. Accountability & Visibility

3. Accountability & Visibility

14 Accurate Identification & Monitoring of Guest

4. Accurate Identification & Monitoring of Guest

5. Boost Emergency Evacuation Response Time

5. Boost Emergency Evacuation Response Time

6. Temporary Visitor ID card Badge Pass Printer

6. Temporary Visitor ID card Badge Pass Printer

Why Choose Us

1. Boost Productivity through Automation

1. Improve Administrative Productivity through Process Automation

Visitor Management System has been specifically developed to provide front desk security managers with a productivity business tool to cut down on delays in enrolling and issuing visitor badge to visitors.

Quicker Visitor Enrollment Process

This makes the visitor registration process comes across as much quicker and more professional, where the visitor does not need to be questioned. In fact, the enrollment process can be completed in less than a few seconds. All this helps to prevent visitor queue congestion, keep waiting time to a minimal, improve customer service experience, and helps to create an important good first impression of the company being visited.

Preregistration Services

To streamline the visitor check in process, visitors can be pre-registered electronically and multiple visitors can be processed concurrently. This helps to free up any dependencies on front desk administration manpower or accumulation of unnecessary man hours. In addition, the visitor management system has features that can be used for coordinating meeting schedules and print or manage attendee lists for events. This helps to simplify visitor registration process with its web-based pre-registration process that provides your internal employees with information about the visiting persons before accepting the visit and for the front desk security guards to verify their status upon arrival. By filtering out suspicious visitors, it can significantly improve the security of your premise.

2. Providing Professional Business interaction

2. Providing Positive Professional Business Interaction & Experience

Especially in today’s highly competitive business environment, it is vital for organizations to conduct all their business interaction with every single visitor in a professional manner that is in-line with the brand image of the organization. As the lobby is often the first point of contact for many external visitors visiting the organization for the first time, having a visitor management solution plays a major role in creating a lasting positive first experience and creating a sense of confidence in the organization.

Improve a Positive Visitor Welcoming Experience

As the visitor can be pre-registered in the visitor management system and can be enrolled into the system quickly, there is less need for the front desk administration services staff to repetitively ask every visitor the same question every time they check in. As a result, it helps to make the visitor feel more familiar, anticipated and welcomed during their arrival at your business entrance. This also helps to makes the visitor check in more efficient, and eliminating large waiting queue congestions in the reception area. When the Visitor check in process is carried out in an efficient manner, and Visitor Badges and lanyards are professionally done up and individualized for each visitors, it helps to Enhance your Company Professional image.

3. Accountability & Visibility

3. Accountability & Visibility of Visitor Movement

By having a systematic procedure to record all details of historical visits by the past and present visitors, it helps to facilitate future audits and reviews when there is a need. This helps to create greater accountability and visibility of visitor movements within your building facility premises

VMS Reporting Capabilities

Security visitor management system features a comprehensive report generation functionality that gives you the flexibility to retrieve visitor visit data from specific periods of start and end date. Visitor data reports can be automatically created to show for example

1. Total number of daily visitor traffic
2. Total number of visits by Badge pass category
3. Total number of people by each destination

These reports can be downloaded in a variety of customizable formats

Functions of a Visitor Management System

Functions that a Security Visitor Management System Performs

Visitor management systems are an integral component of a total security system implementation in any building facility. It performs the following visitor management functions.1. Collection of Visitor Details

1. Collection of Visitor Details

Swiftly and accurately collect visitor’s personal information from their physical photo identities, such as NRIC card, Driver’s license, Military ID card, and Business name cards In addition, it can also be programmed with a signature capture page to get the acknowledgment of visitors on certain company security policies, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and requirement to surrender possession of any image capturing devices or portable storage devices.2. Authentication of Visitor ID credentials.

2. Authentication of Visitor ID credentials

An electronic visitor management system offers a much more secure way for a front desk staff to authenticate and authorize a visitor’s visit, rather than simply just base on word of mouth. An electronic visitor management system offers a much more secure way for a front desk staff to authenticate and authorize a visitor’s visit, rather than simply just base on word of mouth.3. Security Screening of Visitors

3. Security Screening of Visitors

Keep your building facilities secure by performing discrete visitor background security screening using cross checking with an existing watch list of banned visitors.4. Issuance of Visitor Badge Pass

4. Issuance of Visitor Badge Pass

Create one-time-use visitor badges pass that feature photo of the visitor’s face, name, organization, host employee name and authorized areas of access, as well as the badge’s expiration time. Allowing employees to pre-register visitors appointment online ahead of time and be notified electronically or by phone when a visitor arrives. When implemented properly, an automated security visitor management system can significantly heighten facility security and process visitors quickly.

Features & Benefits of Security Visitor Management System

1. Accurate Identification & Monitoring of Guest

1. Accurate & Secure Identification & Monitoring of Visitors

With a security visitor management system, you can quickly identify visitors, enrolled visitors and securely keep track of who is present on your site premises at any given point in time.

Online Web based Software

Our reliable VMS visitor management system software module is a web-based platform for online accessibility, giving you the convenience of easy access from anywhere in multiple-location.

Building Security

Visitor management system can help to enforce safety and security at a corporate building facility during major projects involving multiple external parties. Examples include building expansion and renovation projects where there is a high and constant influx of people from a variety of companies, ranging from contractor, consultants, and vendor. It helps to streamlines entry and registration process for employees, contractors and other visitors while enabling the building security to “watch out” for unwelcome visitors and blacklisted car number plates. For such a situation, a visitor management system plays the useful role of authenticating the contractors’ identities, tracks their check in and check out movement and time attendance data, and alerts them when they are due for certain skills training certification renewal.

2. Boost Emergency Evacuation Response Time

2. Enhance Quick Emergency Building Evacuation Response

In the emergency situation that the building premises must be evacuated, perhaps due to a fire outbreak of fire, or power outage, the visitor management system can be used to accurately determine in real-time the presence and location of visitors within the facility. To maximize the utility of a visitor management system, the system can also be integrated with the facility’s existing web mail mobile notification system, as well as other business solution.

3. Temporary Visitor ID card Badge Pass Printer

3. Temporary Self Adhesive Visitor ID card Badge Pass Printer

Barcode printer can be used to immediately print temporary business pass, in the form of a high-quality self-adhesive Name tag with a barcode for every visitor. This allows your company employees to have an easy visual identification of all visitors as they move around within the building Base on your needs, a photograph of the visitor can also be captured using an integrated web cam and printed on the visitor temporary pass. If needed, product configurations can also be made for the barcode printer to also print queue numbers, if there is a need for queue management functionalities during periods of high visitor flow. As the temporary badge pass is for single-use only and dispose after the visitor appointment, it frees up your receptionist from the unproductive administrative task of Tracking and retrieving the issued visitor passes at the end of every day.

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