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Visitor Sign in System

Visitor Sign in System Singapore by VMS Singapore helps you to streamline the service process of enrolling your visitors into your building premises by offering a quick and autonomous visitor registration system solution to simply and quickly capture from visitor card credential (such as Car License, NRIC identity card, S-pass etc.) vital details of visitor personal data to enter into the system and for use in identity authentication and visitor monitoring purposes.
This visitor personal information data collected by such web-based product systems can be used by a thermal printer for the easy print creation of visitor access passes, which grants them controlled access only to the areas of the building areas that they are supposed to gain entry to.

Electronic Visitor sign in management system offers a secure and professional software module driven solution to support, automate the accurate Capture and secure online Storage of visitor visit record data.
The design of the visitor management products and services is able to help serve the purpose of providing you total situational awareness of all visitor movement in your Commercial business building site, allowing end user to manage, search and account for

1. List of all new Visitors who is currently in the facility
2. Destination department and host employee that they are visiting
3. Appointment and Event schedule of the visitor and check if whether they have overstayed their allotted time period

All these key features allow you guard against unauthorized intrusion and help to provide and facilitate the creation of a safe and secure business work environment for all man and women in their building facilities.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Sign in System can come in the form of a standalone visitor management kiosk.
The Kiosk Self Serviced Registration Feature Makes it Suitable for Lobby with Unmanned front desk
Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of Visitor Sign in System

Why adopt an automated Visitor Sign in Management System?

1. Improve Safety & Security

1. Enhance Safety & Security of your Organization

Deploying a visitor sign in system will allow you to enjoy a higher overall level of security in your organization It allows you to quickly and accurately identify at any point in time who is in your building facility, especially in emergency situations such as detection of an unauthorized intruder in the building or during life-threatening situations of a fire outbreak where there is a need for an urgent evacuation where all visitors have to be accounted for.

2. Enhance the Professionalism of Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Create a Professional Business Appearance During Visitor Enrollment Process

Having an automated visitor management systems allows you to create a more Positive and Professional appearance when engaging your visitors in the visitor enrollment and Check-in process.
Not to mention, having a professional visitor self sign-in feature the system helps to enhance the over security of your organization and ensures that all visitor management data collected is compliant with the security needs and regulatory policies of the organization.

3. Screening for Blacklisted Visitors

3. Visitor Screening to Safeguard against Blacklisted Visitors

Depending on the security needs of your organization, the visitor identity information collected can be instantly screened against an internal database of blacklisted visitors where applicable. This allows the visitor sign in system to automatically send an alert SMS notification to the relevant staff if a visitor is found to be on the visitor watch list. This watch list can, for example, consist of profiles of ex-offenders with a criminal history, ex-employees, competitors, or people with restraining order imposed against them. This helps to offer an additional security safeguard.

4. Online Visitor Pre-registration

4. Online Visitor Pre-registration Feature

Integrated with web-based visitor pre-registration software, the host employee in your company can pre-register the personal information of the expected visitor in Advance using their own laptop.

Quick Visitor Badge Pass Printing

At the same time, the visitor data obtained will also be used to enable the instant printing of visitor pass cards during the check-in of the pre-registered visitor at the office reception. This helps to significantly save the check-in time by removing the need to manually key in the visitor personal information during their arrival check-in using an ID barcode scanner, or a peripheral web camera.

Visitor Identity Verification and Authentication to Prevent Intrusion

The visitor personal data pre-entered into the visitor registration system will be used as a basis of authenticating incoming visitors and concurrently help to prevent authorized people from gaining entry the building.

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Sign in System

1. Improve Safety & Security

2. Enhance the Professionalism of Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Enhance the Professionalism of Visitor Enrollment Process

3. Screening for Blacklisted Visitors

3. Screening for Blacklisted Visitors

4. Online Visitor Pre-registration

4. Online Visitor Pre-registration

Why Choose Us

1. Total System Implementation

1. End-to-End System Implementation

VMS Singapore is a full-service security system integrator where we leverage on our deep expertise and technical knowledge to provide a total end-to-end visitor management system implementation, from initial system conceptual design right up to the final implementation installation We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of highly specialized professional security system related services, such as

1. On site system deployment installation and setup configuration
2. System integration with existing security systems, such as Turnstile Access control and CCTV surveillance camera system
3. Ongoing technical support for System Maintenance and Troubleshooting
4. User training
2. Workflow Productivity & Efficiency

2. Administrative Productivity & Efficiency

Our visitor management solutions are very versatile in its implementation and can be adapted for deployment in a wide range of existing setup. Whether you are currently using a paper-based Visitor sign-in log book, have a front desk receptionist to handle all visitor check-in registration, or have an unattended entrance lobby, our visitor sign-in system can be easily deployed to significantly improve your overall visitor management.

Visitor Management Workflow Automation

Secure Visitor Management solutions allow organizations to automate the entire end-to-end workflow process of Visitor registration information gathering, Visitor enrollment into the system and Visitor Badge pass printing. Capturing of detailed Visitor information can also be completed within seconds by simply scanning the Visitor ID card (such as a NRIC identity card, driving license card, or even a Travel passport). Scalable It is also scalable and configurable visitor management solution that is able to support organizations of all sizes, from businesses with small entrance lobby to Large organizations with multi-site offices.

Challenges of Managing Visitor Access in Recent Times

Especially in recent years, where unconventional threats of terrorism to homeland security has been a major concern, Businesses and Organizations today face a myriad of security challenges when trying to effectively manage the access control of authorized personnel into the building facility. The main challenge that many businesses and organizations face today is in protecting their building facility from unauthorized visiting personnel while at the same time avoid creating unnecessary hindrance and inconvenience to the smooth passage flow of people who have a legitimate reason and purpose for requesting entry into the office building.

Security Vulnerability of Visitor Sign-in Logbook 

In many office building facilities, conventional paper-based visitor log books are still used to register and keep track of visitors arriving at the office entrance on a daily basis. Although this commonly used method of managing and tracking visitor seems like a cheap and simple solution that gets the job done, the truth is that it practically provides no security safeguard against any potential visitors who are actually disguised as unauthorized trespassers with malicious criminal intent. In addition, a traditional visitor logbook offers absolutely no privacy as all the highly confidential personal identity information of previous visitor, customer and clients are all exposed and easily visible to other visitors.

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