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RFID Visitor Management System

RFID visitor management system by VMS Singapore is a high-tech and effective visitor manager technology solution which allows company business owner and security management to systematically track, record, view, manage and enroll visitors into the electronic visitor management system as they check in to enter, and check out to exit the building premises. It is a feature-rich suite of integrated hardware system and digital visitor management software products and components that facilitate the identification and active monitoring process of every individual visitor within your building facility location. The use of a smart RFID visitor management system is able to open up a wide range of application solutions. It can play a wide range of security work roles and services, such as counter-terrorism, visitor identity authentication and tracking of the visitor, asset tracking, and miscellaneous administrative functions such as personnel visit time attendance tracking. The main objective and advantages of this kind of VMS systems includes the following

1. Making the real time recording and monitoring of visitor individual details as smooth and convenient as possible during the visitor check in process
2. Providing the front desk administrative staff maximum situational control and awareness of security events with no gap in coordination between teams
3. Eliminate reliance on unproductive manual paperwork and workflow processes
4. Accurately generate useful and comprehensive visitor reports in real-time
5. Provide logistical and operational support for emergency situations


Types of RFID Deployment Options

1. UHF and Active RFID reader

Active ultra high-frequency UHF RFID tag readers are the most frequently deployed and generally popular in the industry due to its reliability in asset tracking applications and full 100% read rate on readily available RFID tags and cards.

2. RFID Fixed reader

A fixed RFID reader solution allows automation of the visitor movement tracking process, as their RFID badge is detected in premises. It is a low cost and relatively affordable to implement tracking solution.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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RFID Visitor Management System

1. Scalable Implementation

2. Visitor Registration Automation

2. Visitor Registration Automation

3. Contagion-Control Features

3. Contagion-Control Features

4. Visitor Schedule Pre-registration

4. Visitor Schedule Pre-registration

5. Facilitate Swift Emergency Evacuation Response

5. Facilitate Swift Emergency Evacuation Response

6. SMS/E-mail Mobile Notification

6. SMS/E-mail Mobile Notification

7. Web-Based Accessibility

7. Web-Based Accessibility

Why Choose Us

1. Scalable Implementation

1. Scalable Visitor Management System Implementation

The visitor management system is a stable and reliable management platform that is designed based on a dynamic, and scalable system architecture so as to meet the diverse business needs of companies and organizations of any form or size.
In addition, because of the adaptable and modular nature of the visitor system product design, the RFID visitor management system can freely transition from various key service deployment configurations, such as

1. Between a Single tenant, versus a multi-tenant
2. Between a Standalone application solution, versus a networked implementation
3. Between a single facility implementation, versus multiple facility implementations

For a more secure visitor check in/enrollment process, secure methods of visitor identification such as Biometrics credential authentication and RFID integrated tracking can also be included.

2. Visitor Registration Automation

2. Visitor Registration Process Automation

By automating the daily visitor registration processes, such as visitor identification, tracking of visitor movement, and visitor out-processing, it helps you to greatly reduce your reliance on manual administrative front desk staff and avoid any unnecessary staffing overheads
As the visitor personal information data is seamless collected with no need for manual filling up of paper based visitor log books, it helps to keep manual paperwork to a minimum and increases the efficiency of your administrative team.

3. Contagion-Control Features

3. Disease Contagion-Control Features


Integration with Visitor Temperature Screening

As the first line of defense against spreading of communicable virus in any organization, the visitor management system can also be integrated with IR cameras or Digital Clinical Thermometer sensors to assist in the fast high-volume measuring of individual visitor’s temperature and monitor attendance.
This fast temperature taking and recording helps you to screen visitor temperature during high-risk periods of flu virus outbreak, such as SARS or flu virus outbreak.
In the event that a visitor has been detected/identified to have Fever, the visitor can be barred from/denied entry.

On-screen Capture of Visitor Declarations Acknowledgment

A visitor management system also provides a means for companies to capture visitor’s electronic declarations through the use of an interactive signature capture page.
This on-screen declaration and acknowledgment capture page with customizable text question and audio prompts can be used by organizations for

1. Getting visitors to declare whether they possess any prohibited items (especially when visitors who are entering a high-security government building or military installations
2. Declaration of travel history. For example, whether the visitor has visited any countries affected by the disease. (Eg. SARS virus or Bird-flu epidemics)

Features & Benefits of RFID Visitor Management System

1. Visitor Schedule Pre-registration

1. Visitor Appointment Schedule Pre-registration

A visitor management system gives you the convenience to commence the visitor management process right from the moment a visit is being scheduled, either by the visitor themselves or by the host employee. Hosting employee who is expecting a visitor visit are able to access to a web-based schedule management portal prior the actual visitor arrival to significantly simplify the registration process at the front desk reception to avoid unpleasantly long wait time. This also helps to dramatically reduce the dependency on unproductive manual assistance by the front desk reception during the check in process.

2. Facilitate Swift Emergency Evacuation Response

2. Facilitate Swift Emergency Building Evacuation Response

In the emergency event that the building facility must be evacuated,
perhaps due to a fire incident, or power blackout, the visitor management system can be used to precisely track in real-time the attendance and last known position of each and every visitors within the premises by generating an emergency evacuation name list report.
This helps to greatly assist administrative personnel, and evacuation ICs in handling emergency situations, by enabling them to execute a more effective and complete evacuation process

Evacuation list

By monitoring the visitors who scan in and out of the system, the visitor management system is able to compile a list of visitors who are still in the building facility.
This allows for a more effective and faster evacuation of personnel in a building facility that has been compromised.

3. SMS/E-mail Mobile Notification

3. SMS/E-mail Mobile Alert Notification

Base on your security needs, the RFID visitor management system can be configured to send out various forms of Mobile notification, such as SMS, web-based emails, and alphanumeric paging to all personnel registered in the system.
This helps to effectively disseminate important information to all occupants in the building facility during an emergency situation, such as a fire outbreak or power failure. In addition, the mobile notification features can also be used for notifying the relevant administrative staff when a monitored visitor checks in or leaves the facility.

4. Web-Based Accessibility

4. Web-Based Software Management Platform for Easy Accessibility

Equipped with the latest online web-based technology and application platform, the visitor management interface is fully accessible and can be operated via any Internet web browser. This helps to greatly enhance the visitor check in experience by streamlining the visitor check in workflow and processes.

5. Integration with Access Control

5. System Integration with Access Control

To maximize the benefits of the RFID visitor management system, the system can also be integrated with your existing security door access systems to ensure greater security and better visitor management and tracking purposes.

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