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VMS System

VMS system (Visitor Management System) is a cost effective visitor manager solution commonly adopted by companies and organization in Singapore to meet their security visitor management needs. The challenge of performing visitor traffic identification, monitoring and management in the professional business environment is rapidly evolving these days with the trend towards guarding against the heighten risks of safety threats to homeland security, such as terrorist attacks, unauthorized intrusion to commit theft of intellectual and physical assets, corporate espionage, and intentional sabotage on operations in the company . This demands for an electronic visitor management system product which is able to support and offer better security for both the visitors and employees by allowing you to better identify, pro actively track, and manage who is entering the office building, who is currently on site in the building at the moment, and who is leaving the building premises.


Challenges of Visitor Management 

Exposure of Confidential Visitor Private Information

Conventionally in the past, visitor log books are used to identify, record, track and manage the access and attendance status of visitors and guest, whereby they are simply asked to manually provide and enter their personal information and user details concerning the appointment on the visitor log book. Although it seems that this method is simple, easy, and get the job done, the use of a visitor log book provides little or no security feature and can easily compromise the data privacy of prior visitor, as their personal details are left exposed in the visitor book freely available for anyone to see. To make matters worse, in such a scenario, sensitive information, such as names of the customer, details of client companies names, NRIC number, mobile number can all be left exposed out in the open with no privacy, thereby vulnerable to the risk of being leaked to possible competitors.

Fuzzy Visitor Handwriting

Often when visitors are asked to manually fill in their personal details into the visitor book, they are often in a hurry for their appointment. Because of this, it results in illegible handwriting scribbles, which are extremely hard to read, search, and trace back. This can raise the questions and doubts on the credible and authenticity of the visitor records in the visitor book. Falsified and Unverified Visitor information As the information details provided by the visitors are largely self-declared and are often unverified, any potential intruder posing as a visitor can in fact easily gain entry simply by falsifying their visitor information provided with absolutely no questions asked to check their authenticity. This therefore essentially allows any intruder to gain unrestricted free access throughout your building facilities to carry out their hidden agenda, such as theft of intellectual & physical assets for corporate espionage, vandalism, sabotage or even physical attack to harm employees.
Because of all the disadvantages, security design vulnerabilities and lack of professionalism in using a traditional paper visitor book, more and more companies these days are replacing their visitor check-in books with the more reliable service of a secure VMS biometric visitor management system or RFID visitor management system products, which helps to truly represent their company’s brand image.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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VMS System

1. Added Layer of Security Safe Guard

2. Positive Visitor Experience

2. Positive Visitor Experience

3. Streamline Visitor Check in Process

3. Streamline Visitor Check in Process

4. Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

4. Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

5. Customized Productivity Solution

5. Customized Productivity Solution

Why Choose Us

1. Integrated Platform

1. Integration with Access Control

Visitor management system can be fully integrated with your pre-existing access control hardware system, to assign visitors with a temporary and limited card access privileges.
This includes integration with

1. Door Proximity smart card access control
2. Lift Access Control system
3. Pedestrian Turnstile access control systems. This includes other various Physical barrier access control system
4. Car Access Control System

In addition to human visitors, our visitor management software solution can also be configured to work with a car park access control system, such as an electronic Barrier Arm management system.
For added security, to prevent reuse of the visitor access pass, the visitor management system can detect and alert you to any denial of entry status if the visitor is attempting to gain entry to restricted areas within the building using the issued visitor pass.

2. Positive Visitor Interaction

2. Positive Visitor Interaction Experience

In today’s competitive business environment, a professionally managed business interaction is vital to creating a positive first impression with your visitors, especially prospective clients and business partners. Because of this, your visitor enrollment experience at the front desk lobby can set the tone for their subsequent visit and interaction.
When your visitors first arrive at the reception, they would be greeted shown a user-friendly touchscreen system that is customized and branded to promote your business or school organization. The check-in registration work process is extremely quick and easy, whereby the visitor simply follows the on-screen instructions.
Base on your visitor management needs and requirements, we can include the following options, such as

1. Photo capture – to capture the facial image so that a photo ID visitor pass can be printed quickly and conveniently using the visitor badge pass printer.
2. Signature capture page, where the visitor can sign on an electronic writing pad during the early check in process to allow for capturing of their acknowledgment of specific terms and security regulations of your organization (e.g. non-disclosure agreement, surrendering of camera phones)
3. Acknowledgment of Visitor policy page to ensure compliance with company security regulations.
3. Scalable Product Solution

3. Scalable Product Solution Implementation

VMS visitor management system is suitable for implementation in any facilities no matter what your size is, or a number of guests you are faced with on a daily basis.
It is a completely scalable solution, which allows you to get started simply with just the features you need today.
As your security requirements grow along the way in the future, you can add more optional features, such as integration with a car park vehicle access control system

Features & Benefits of VMS System

1. Additional Layer of Security Defense

1. Added Layer of Security Safe Guard against Intrusion

Visitor Security Screening

For sensitive premises that are very high security, the visitor management system can be configured to screen visitor against an internal database of ‘do not admit’ people to deny visitors entry if necessary.
This provides an additional layer of security verification and access control, which helps to guard against black-listed visitors and any possible malicious intruders.
For an added layer of security precaution, the visitor management software solutions have a built-in feature to allow key information of the visitors to be screened with an existing data base of black-listed visitor list to ensure that they are authorized with genuine reasons to enter the premises.

Unreliable Visitor Information

With traditional paper based visitor log book, visitors are often required to fill in information concerning the visit by themselves.
Because the information is self-declared and unverified, illegitimate visitors who are unauthorized and do not have a valid genuine reason to enter the building could actually gain unrestricted entry throughout the facility easily just by providing false information on the visitor book. This security situation is made worse by fuzzy handwriting which is often illegible.

2. Streamline Visitor Check in Process

2. Simplify & Streamline Visitor Check in Workflow Process

Our VMS system is a user-friendly visitor identification and tracking solution that helps you to streamline the visitor enrollment work process at your building premises, thereby, helping you and the visitor to eliminate unnecessary waiting time while enrolling the visitor into the system and at the same time trying to find the host.
The automation provided by the VMS system also helps to avoid the need for unproductive and repetitive asking of the same question by the visitors to the front desk staff, such as ‘What is the date’, ‘Please help me to let my host know I’m here’, ‘the pen is not working’ etc.
To enroll a visitor into the system database when the visitor visits into your company for the very first time, the system solution features a number of user-friendly visitor data input options, such as

1. Barcode Scanning

Registration of new visitors visiting for the first time involves a simple and fast electronic scanning of visitor Identity Card (such as NIRC, driver’s license or worker’s permit) with a barcode scanner. Usually, it takes around 2 ~ 4 seconds

2. OCR Scanning

Scanning of Identity card using a photographic scanner with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. This allows for a detailed capture of visitor information if required,

3. Face Imaging

Picture image Capturing of each visitor’s face features using an integrated web cam module or integration with the existing CCTV surveillance camera. This helps to assist in the easy visual identification, tracking, and recording of the visitor’s information.
All this allows you to cut down on the visitor waiting time by eliminating the need for error prone manual human entry of visitor details which significantly helps to shorten the registration time need without compromising on the security of your organization.
For subsequent visits, the visitor simply has to scan his NRIC card using the Barcode scanner, and the previously stored visitor data will automatically be displayed on the visitor management dashboard. The same photo of the visitor captured can be used by the visitor management software to print a photo ID badge for the visitor if needed.

* During an event where there is a peak flu seasons, where there is an outbreak of virus or rise in number of cases of transmittable disease, the VMS visitor management can be configured with a IR temperature detection camera to easily measure the visitor’s body temperature to screen for any symptom of infection, such as a abnormally high body temperature due to fever.
This can effectively provide the first line of defense to guard against any scenario where there is a loss of productive man hours due to the company employees spreading the virus and getting sick.

3. Facilitate Emergency Evacuations

3. Assist & Facilitate Building Emergency Evacuations

In the case of an emergency evacuation, the visitor management system can be used to send a web email notification to a list of all on-site visitors, to your company security team, or other designated authorities.
This helps to ensure that all employees, as well as visitors in the buildings, are properly accounted for during a building evacuation roll call process, thus providing maximum protection to your business operations.

4. Customized Productivity Solution

4. Tailored & Customized Productivity Solution

VMS system is a comprehensive, process driven visitor management solution that is adaptable to your organization’s specific needs, specification, and work environment.
It is user-friendly and helps to improve your organization’s daily productivity by reducing unnecessary administrative tasks, such as manual data entry of visitor information into the system to register visit, daily routine paper work report generation, and answering of visitor’s queries, which tend to be repeated.

Visitor Arrival Notification

When the visitor has been successfully enrolled, the Visitor management solution will digitally alert the staff host of the guest’s arrival by SMS, or web email receivable on a mobile phone.

5. Hierarchical Access Rights

5. Hierarchical Access Permission Rights

Depending on the job scope and security clearance of an employee, different levels of security access permissions for each of the modules within the system can be assigned to each employee user login account.
This means that employees with a lower security clearance can be restricted to only access the software functions that they need.
From a data security standpoint, this hierarchical access control helps to safeguard confidential visitor personal data .

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