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Electronic Visitor Sign in System

Electronic Visitor Sign in System has been widely adopted by companies in Singapore in the recent years. It is a Visitor management solution (VMS) where the different online service application modules and functions are fully integrated together. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a seamless visitor check in the enrollment process that is fast, Efficient, reliable, easy to track, and easy to manage. We understand the administrative challenges that organizations in Singapore face daily in ensuring proper identification and managing access control of the visitors that come through the front door every day. Designed with the end user in mind, the electronic VMS visitor sign in system is built specifically to support and meet your need for solutions to visitor management, by making the enrollment process of a new visitors in your visitor registration system as fast and seamless as possible.

Inefficiency of Visitor Sign-in Log Books

Traditionally in the past, when a visitor or guest needs to enter into an office building site premises for an appointment, they will be required by the front desk security officer to sign-in and record their details on a visitor log book before they are allowed to enter. This is an extremely inefficient process, as the whole process has to be facilitated by the security officer, who would often be giving the same list of instructions to every visitor, and be repetitively answering the same questions. Although one might argue that this is able to get the work done, there is no denying that this method of visitor management is extremely costly as precious human resources are spent on a series of a relatively simple administrative task which can be otherwise easily automated. This includes activities such as

1. Manual data entry and recording of visitor record data, which is slow and prone to errors
2. Manual Verification of visitor identity card
3. Asking the visitor his/her objective of visit
4. Use of Badge card printer to print Visitor pass for issuance to visitor

Because of the time-consuming nature of the visitor enrollment process, it can result in an unpleasantly long wait time for the visitors, who might have an important appointment to rush to. With the visitor management system and its related products implemented, you can solve all these problems of a slow visitor enrollment process. This helps to facilitate a professional business interaction, which creates a positive first impression that is in-line with your organization’s brand image.


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Electronic Visitor Sign in System

1. Cut Down Visitor Wait Time

2. Quick, & Easy Visitor Enrollment Process

2. Quick, & Easy Visitor Enrollment Process

3. Safe Guard Against Blacklist Visitors

3. Safe Guard Against Blacklist Visitors

 4. Visitor Arrival Notification

4. Visitor Arrival Notification

5. Emergency Evacuation Notification

5. Emergency Evacuation Notification

6. Easy to Setup & Intuitive User Interface

6. Easy to Setup & Intuitive User Interface

Why Choose Us

1. Cut Down Visitor Wait Time

1. Reduce Unnecessary Visitor Wait Time

Unlike antiquated paper based visitor log books which do not provide sufficiently detailed visitor and guest information, and are often filled with illegible handwritings, a secure visitor sign in management solution, offers you all the advantages that are lacking in a paper visitor book do not offer.
With a digital network connected Visitor sign in Management system, it is able to allow you to enhance your guest enrollment efficiency where you are able to scan a photo identity ID card to enroll a guest, extract detailed information, print the visitor badge pass or appointment paper slip for issuance to visitor, and send alerts to the hosting staff of the guest’s arrival within a moments notice.
This helps to reduce the unnecessary wait time while awaiting the host to come and escort the visitor into the building
If needed, optional self-registration functions can also be added into the VMS system, whereby the visitor can simply self-check in using a tablet computer, thereby further cutting down on unnecessary waiting time.

2. Fast, Easy & Smooth Visitor Enrollment Workflow Process

2. Fast, Easy & Smooth Visitor Enrollment Workflow Process

Our secure electronic visitor sign in system is a user-friendly visitor tracking, identification, and registration solution that helps you to streamline the visitor sign in and sign out process at your building facilities. To register a guest into the system database when the visitor checks into your organization the very first time, the system features a number of visitor information capturing options compatible with various identity credential format, such as

1. ID card Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning

A photographic imaging scanner with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities is used to read and extract data from the visitor’s Identity card. This allows for a comprehensive range of visitor details, including biometric credentials to be collected without the need for manual data entry which is error prone.

2. 2D Barcode scanning

A hand-held or desktop barcode reader can be configured into the visitor sign in system for a simple and quick electronic scanning of the visitor’s Photo Identity Card (such as NRIC, driver’s license or worker’s permit).

3. Photo Capture of Visitor’s Face

A web-camera or existing CCTV surveillance camera can be integrated into the system to visually capture an image of the visitor’s facial features. This helps to make the visual identification of the visitor easier, more accurate and significantly cut down on the visitor registration wait time by removing the need for manual human input of visitor data, which is often prone to errors. As a result, companies, as well as visitors, are able to enjoy a more efficient sign in, without compromising on the security. During the visitor’s subsequent visit, the visitor just has to scan his personal identity card with the barcode scanner in order for his personal information previously stored in the system to be retrieved and auto populated in the visitor management dashboard.

3. Safe Guard Against Blacklist Visitors

3. Security Safe Guard Against Unwanted/Blacklist Visitors

Unverified Visitor Information

With conventional paper based visitor guest log book, visitors and guests are requested to fill in their personal information, and appointment details by themselves. This means that the information is provided on a self-declared basis and often are accepted as genuine by the front desk security officer with no question asked for further verification. Because of this, unauthorized visitors with any form of malicious intent and no genuine valid reason for entry, could, in fact, gain unregulated access throughout your building premises simply using this vulnerability to falsify information on the visitor log book. This security compromise is further made worse by illegible handwriting scribble which is in most cases hard to interpret, search, or read.

Visitor Security Screening

As the first line of security safe guard for your business, the visitor sign in management software application can screen visitor information collected against a central web database of blacklisted visitors watch list to deny entry if there is a positive match. An added layer of online background screening verification can be configured to deny entry access to banned visitors into restricted building premises that need top high-security clearance.

Features & Benefits of Electronic Visitor Sign in System

1. Easy to Setup & Intuitive User Interface

1. Easy to Deployment Setup & Intuitive User Management Interface

Software management dashboard is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface that is extremely easy to use.
This means that it is very simple to install, implement, cost-effective to maintain in the long run, with no need for long hours for user training.
The high tech software interface design is also available in multiple languages to facilitate easy usage by different groups of employee user nationality.

2. Visitor Arrival Notification

2. Visitor Arrival Mobile Alert Notification

When the visitor has been successfully registered, either during an on site registration or via a pre-appointment booking done online, the Visitor management system will automatically notify the hosting employee of the visitor’s arrival attendance by online web email receivable via their mobile phone application.
This helps to create a professional visitor experience for your important visitors, such as your future prospective customer.

3. Emergency Evacuation Notification

3. Emergency Building Evacuation Alert Notification

When the need arises, the VMS visitor management system has the option to remotely notify all personnel and employees with emergency notifications during security emergency events. It also features a reporting function that allows the front desk staff to generate a name list of all the visitors currently in the building. This helps to facilitate the evacuation of people in the building in the event of a fire outbreak or a blackout due to a power outage.

4. Regular Visitors

4. Suitable for Managing Regular Visitors

For companies with regular visitors & staff, the automated visitor management system kiosk can allow them to do a Quickly and Seamlessly self-check-in as their data is already stored in the system database.
Examples of visitors which requires having a regular frequency of visits

1. Parent Volunteers who need to help out to at school regularly
2. Adjunct teachers at School
3. 3rd party service contractors (eg. cleaners, IT support, renovators)
5. Layered Access Permission

5. Layered User Access Permission

The visitor management system has an access permission management feature, which allows you to create multiple numbers of user login accounts.
Base on the employee’s job role and function, the level of access rights assigned to each user login account can be customized, so that they only have access to software modules and functionalities that they need.
This is useful for protecting sensitive visitor’s private information by preventing unauthorized access to the visitor database.

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