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Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software by VMS Singapore is a fully featured back office administration suite which can be installed on multiple pcs providing comprehensive reports and access to live real-time visitor data. Filtering options to sort information by name, company, or vehicle registration number, and easily view attendance data for authorized visitors

Secure Visitor Management Solutions

Purpose built to meet your organization’s diverse security requirements and organizational security policy regulations, this suite of visitor management products give you the ideal solution for an electronic visitor management system implementation. This helps to ensure the safety and security of your employees and visitors Regardless of whether you are currently using a paper based visitor log book for visitor sign-in, have dedicated front desk lobby receptionist to assist in the registration and checking-in of incoming visitors, a visitor management implementation offers you a secure and professional approach to identify, manage and track visitors in your building’s facilities.

Overview Functions of a Visitor Management Software Solution

A Secure business security visitor management system offered by VMS Singapore is able to perform a whole host of well-coordinated visitor management functions. Depending on your specific visitor management needs and security situation, each of the functions can be customized to suit your unique requirements. The core visitor management functions include:

1. Visitor registration into the visitor management system during arrival
2. Visitor Web-based Pre-registration
3. Screening of Visitor information against database of blacklisted individuals
4. Customized Visitor ID badge pass printing
5. Sending of Visitor arrival alert notification to host employee via SMS or Webmail receivable via internet connected mobile device
6. Monitoring of Visitor sign in, sign out visit status
7. Report generation of Visitor visit history details
8. Tracking Time and attendance of Employee and 3rd party service contractor


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

Features & Benefits of Visitor Management Software

1. Integration with Visitor Access Control

1. Integration with Existing Visitor Physical Access Control

Visitor management software is able to seamlessly integrate with your existing physical access control systems, such as

1. Turnstile Barrier access control systems with Biometric or RFID proximity credential authentication, or
2. Office Magnetic Doors which uses various user credential authentication methods, such as RFID proximity, Barcode scanning, Mag-stripe

Through the system integration, visitors are also able to gain unhindered access to specific areas of the building premises that they are allowed to access.

This visitor access control system can be tightly implemented through the use of

1. Scanning Barcode printed on the temporary visitor badge pass issued
2. Visitor’s personal biometric credentials, such as Fingerprint, or Face recognition.

In addition to better access control of visitor movement, it also helps to boost building security and create an overall sense of professionalism in the daily visitor interaction with your business.

2. Visitor Security Screening

2. Visitor Screening against Internal Blacklist Database

The visitor management software allows you to create and maintain an internal watch list of blacklisted visitors to screen against and deny entry where appropriate.
This can include

1. Disgruntled former employees
2. Employees of competitor
3. Visitors with a criminal history

Visitor Screening against External Blacklist Database

For important facilities that need additional levels of security, visitor data collected can also be screened against an external database of watch list people, such as

1. Individual who have suspicious background profiles, which are generally classified as high-security risk
2. Individuals with a history of committing crimes

When such blacklisted individuals attempt to gain entry into the building, they will be detected by the visitor management software. A programmable automatic security alert will then be sent to the front desk security staff delivered via a Webmail or SMS notification receivable using any mobile device.

3. Accurate & Fast Capture of Visitor Information

3. Accurate & Fast Capture of Visitor Registration Information

By having a precise visitor management system in place to capture visitor’s detailed information almost instantly, without the need for manual data input through typing, a Secure VMS Visitor Management software allows companies of any scale or industry to reliably manage who is allowed to enter into the building facility, at a specific time period and for a valid purpose. In addition to all these benefits, you can also issue a highly professional, customizable ID badge pass.

4. Visitor Reporting Capabilities

4. Accurate & Fast Visitor Reporting Capabilities

Sophisticated reporting generation capabilities so that you can have the flexibility to retrieve visit information from specific periods of time.
Visitor data reports can be generated to show for example

1. Total number of daily visitor traffic
2. Total number of people by pass type
3. The total number of visitor received by each department

These reports can be printed them in a variety of customizable formats

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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1. Integration with Existing Visitor Physical Access Control

1. Integration with Visitor Access Control

2. Visitor Security Screening

2. Visitor Security Screening

3. Accurate & Fast Capture of Visitor Information

3. Accurate & Fast Capture of Visitor Information

4. Accurate & Fast Visitor Reporting Capabilities

4. Visitor Reporting Capabilities

Why Choose Us

1. Visitor Pre-registration

1. Visitor Pre-registration to Streamline & Accelerate Check-in Process

Pre-registration function provides you with a quick and efficient way to manage your visitor registration process and greatly reduces the check-in time and avoid any potential congestion at your company reception. Our visitor management software offers you and your host employees the option to conveniently pre-register your visitors in advance via the web-based visitor management application accessible via the company corporate intranet.

Save time | Eliminate Long Wait Time, Queues & Congestions

Pre-registration helps to greatly Simplified and Accelerate the visitor sign-in process and allow the visitor to have the benefit of being able to sign in quicker. Especially for companies which have to handle a large volume of incoming visitor traffic on a daily basis, the visitor pre-registration feature helps to prevent any unpleasant visitor Wait time, long Queues and Congestions at the front desk reception area.

Simple, Quick, Efficient One Step Visitor Sign-in Process

When a pre-registered visitor arrives at the company reception, the visitor simply has to go through one single step of identity credential authentication before being granted entry into the building. Methods available for Authentication of Visitor identity includes

1. Scanning of Personal identity card (such as NRIC ID card, Driving License, or Passport)
2. Scanning of QR barcode printed on confirmation email or smartphone
Once the visitor is positively authenticated with a single click of the mouse, the visitor is granted check-in entry access and the visitor badge is printed.

Quicker Subsequent Visits

As the visitor information is securely stored and maintained in the visitor management database, the data can be retrieved again and used repeatedly to authenticate the same visitor during future subsequent visits.

2. Visitor Self-Registration Solution

2. Self-serviced Visitor Registration Solution

The visitor self-registration station features an intuitive and interactive capacitive touch screen visitor user interface upon which the visitor can do their own self-registration when they arrive at the company entrance. Such a visitor self-service feature is particularly suitable for companies with unmanned front desk lobby (internal link: Unmanned reception solutions)

Quicker Visitor Registration Process

This do-it-yourself (DIY) visitor self-registration solution helps to significantly Simplify and Expedite the visitor registration process. It allows visitors to quickly register, print out their own visitor badges upon check in and automatically notify your hosting employee of their arrival. Reduces Workload of Front Desk Staff Having a visitor self-registration feature helps to greatly reduce the work load demand on your front desk receptionist. This reduce dependency on your staff for assisting in visitor registration helps to increase their productivity output.

Compact & Space Saving

A visitor self-registration station is generally more compact and can offer you tremendous space saving benefits. It is particularly suitable for companies which have a front desk lobby with limited space area that is too small to accommodate a conventional visitor registration kiosk.

How it Works

1. Host staff pre-registers the visitor in Advance by simply going to the web-based visitor registration platform application using their own computer.
2. Once the visitor has been officially enrolled into the visitor management system, a confirmation email with the visitor’s uniquely issued registration number will be automatically sent to the visitor.
3. During the visitor’s arrival at the company front desk lobby, the visitor will be presented with an intuitive, self-service touch screen for registering themselves upon arrival. All the visitor have to do is to simply enter into the self-registration kiosk their Name & unique registration number in order to be officially authenticated.
4. Once the visitor authentication is successful, the visitor will be granted entry access into the building.
A customized temporary visitor badge pass will also be issued (which is printed on the spot).

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We fully understand your difficulties of safeguarding the safety and security of your organization, while at the same time giving a smooth passage for your visitors and guest. Our Visitor Management software addresses your building security needs by focusing on providing automation of your visitor management process for a more integrated visitor enrollment experience. If you are still interested to learn more about Visitor Management Software and to see what it can do for you, simply call to contact us now at +6585085097 for a no obligation discussion of your needs. Our friendly sales staff will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or queries. Alternatively, for quote request, simply email us your specifications details and requirements to