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Visitor Pass Management System

Visitor Pass Management System by VMS Singapore helps you to simplify and manage the process of signing in your visitors into your facility by giving you a simple way to seamlessly and quickly capture important visitor visit information.
This visitor data collected by the visitor registration system can be used for providing a way to print customized visitor access pass, which allows and grants them restricted access control only to areas of the building that they are authorized to gain entry.
Advantages of a Visitor Management System vs Visitor Log Book

Security Advantages of a Visitor Management System over Visitor Log Book

A digitalized workflow solution has many benefits over the conventional paper log book based system from a security standpoint. A digital visitor management software system provides an evidence grade audit trail that offers visibility and accountability that is easy to create and access by a security guard at any time. When building premises are solely relying on an outdated form of visitor management products such as paper logbooks, commonly shared visitor passes and front desk reception man power to register and keep track of daily incoming visitors, security lapse can occur more often than when a professional visitor management systems are used. Some of the shortcomings of a paper visitor log book include:

1. Inaccurate Visitor Data

Visitor details and attendance information is manually written on the paper logbook can be extremely hard to read or even false. This means that the information in the visitor log books are inaccurate and there is no way to confirm if the visitor is who they claim to be.

2. Abuse of Share Visitor Pass

Common visitor passes can easily be unaccounted for when any visitors can purposely neglect to avoid signing out and avoid returning their visitor badge pass card. This means that your company visitor pass can possibly get into the wrong hands, whereby any illegitimate visitors can use the unreturned badges to trespass your building site facility and gain unrestricted access to your service employees, restricted high-security areas, business service critical equipment asset, or confidential company work data (eg. data-storage server center)

3. Leakage of Confidential Business information

People from rival companies, hackers, and 3rd party Suppliers can view and look through your visitor log book and gather multiple potentially classified information about your company services and user operations. Overall this can put the company in an embarrassing situation as it demonstrates a lack of competency in handling visitor’s private user information (such as personal identification number, age, mobile hand phone number, and organization name etc)


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Visitor Pass Management System

1. Boost Productivity through Automation

2. Accurate Identification & Accounting of Visitors

2. Accurate Identification & Accounting of Visitors

3. Providing First-class Business interaction

3. Providing First-class Business interaction

4. Quick Visitor Pass Generation

4. Quick Visitor Pass Generation

Features & Benefits

1. Boost Productivity through Automation

1. Boost & Enhance Productivity through Automation 

Visitor Management System solutions have been specifically designed to provide key front desk security personnel with an efficient business tool to reduce delays in user signing in and issuing visitor pass to visitors. Preregistration To streamline the visitor enrollment process, guests can be pre-registered online and multiple visitors can be processed simultaneously. This helps to free up any reliance on front desk reception manpower. In addition, the visitor management system and software module have product features that can be used for setting up meeting schedules and manage guest lists for events. This helps to simplify visitor registration workflow with its online pre-registration process that provides your internal tenants with information about the visitor before granting the visit and for the front desk security staff to verify their identity upon arrival. By filtering out unauthorized visitors, it can significantly improve the safety of your premise.

2. Accurate Identification & Accounting of Visitors

2. Accurate Visitors Identification & Real-time Accounting of Visits

The visitor pass management system has an online database which securely stores the record of all visitor information and visits history. At the end of the day, you’ll receive a visitor activity report tracking every interaction with your guard house

3. Providing First-class Business interaction

3. Providing Positive First-class Business interaction

Especially in today’s highly connected business landscape, it is important for companies to conduct all their business interaction with every single visitor in a professional manner that reflects well on the brand image of the company.
As the reception is often the first point of contact for many visitors visiting the company for the first time, having a visitor pass management system plays a key role in facilitating a positive first impression that last. It also helps to create a sense of Professionalism in the company.

Create a Positive Visitor Welcoming Experience

As the visitor is able to pre-register in the web based, network connected visitor management system and can be registered into the system swiftly, there is less need for the front desk administrative security officer to repetitively ask every visitor the same question and manually enter the data each time they sign in.
Because of this, it helps to make the visitor feel more warmly expected and welcomed during their arrival at your company entrance. This pre-registration support also helps to make the visitor sign in more efficient and eliminating long waiting queue congestions in the reception area.

4. Quick Visitor Pass Generation

4. Quick Visitor Badge Pass Generation

Registering your guest and printing a temporary batch for them is an extremely Quick and Easy process. Simply within a few clicks of a mouse, you can create and configure a new visit record log, with options for you to select the (1) Type of Pass, (2) Name of Department, (3) Purpose of Visit and (3) Host name. Finally during the preview and final check of the visitor badge tag, with a final click of a mouse, you can immediately print the badge and give it to the visitor to wear throughout the duration of their visiting appointment. This pass printing printer system is fully customizable. It is also able to allow you can determine and set the labeling caption on the

1. Category types of visitors you will be processing 2. Names of destinations that will be visited
3. Purpose of Appointment Visit
Functions of Security Visitor Management System

Functions that a Security Visitor Management System Performs

Visitor management systems is an integral element of a total security system implementation in any building premises. It is capable of performing the following visitor management functions

1. Capturing of Visitor Information

Quickly and precisely capture visitor’s personal details from their physical photo ID, such as NRIC card, Driver’s license, Military ID card, and Business name cards In addition, it can also be configured with a signature capture page to get the acknowledgment of visitors on specific company security regulations, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and requirement to declare possession of any image capturing electronics or portable storage media.

2. Authentication of Visitor Identity Credentials

A digital visitor management system offers a much more secure way for the front desk security officer to verify and authorize a visitor’s visit, rather than simply just base on the visitors’ verbal claim.

3. Security Screening of Visitors

Keep your building premises secure by performing a professional visitor background security checks via cross referencing with an existing blacklist of banned visitors.

4. Issuing of Visitor Badge Pass

Print temporary visitor badges pass that shows a photo of the visitor’s face, name, affiliation, hosting staff name and authorized areas of the department, as well as the badge’s time of expiry. Allows staff to pre-register visiting appointment online ahead of time and be alerted electronically or by phone when a visitor arrives. When used properly, an automated security visitor management procedure can effectively heighten premises security and process visitors quickly.

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