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School Visitor Management System

School Visitor Management System by VMS Singapore is a proactive and web integrated security visitor tracking system solution built specifically to safeguard and Manage the safety and well-being of students, teachers, and staff within the school premises.
The visitor management system and its related products are made up of an integrated network of core security work modules that can largely support, provide and serve the following critical business services and functions of our customer:

1. Capturing and Authentication of new Visitor identity information to serve as a visitor sign-in system for school 
2. Checking for banned visitors through screening of information captured from their identity card against a blacklist search database. In an event of a blacklisted visitor is detected, an alert will be automatically sent to the relevant personnel.
3. Visitor badge pass printing. This involves integration with pass printers to print a temporary visitor slips with a barcode.
4. View, Log, Monitor, Track and Control of Visitor movement
If your goal is to make your school a safer and more secure place for your students and the school staff, then protecting the safety and security of every man and women in the school should be your absolute topmost priority.


Importance of Security in Schools

Ensuring the safety and security of Student and staff in a building is a top concern for many schools and educational institutions.
Educational institutions, such as Schools, Childcare Centre, Kindergartens, Polytechnics, and Universities all have a statutory Duty of Care to safeguard the safety of learners during their hours spent at the school facilities.
This means protecting them from illegitimate intruders with criminal intent, who might otherwise cause unpleasant nuisance and even inflict physical abuse.


School Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

1. Safety & Security

1. Safety & Security

2. Visitor Self Service Capability

2. Visitor Self Service Capability

3. Instant Screening for Blacklisted Visitors

3. Instant Screening for Blacklisted Visitors

4. Convenient Visitor Reporting

4. Convenient Visitor Reporting

5. Integration with Security Systems

5. Integration with Security Systems

About Us

VMS Singapore provides affordable and reliable Visitor Management solutions for your building facility. We also offer System Hardware and customized Software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Why Choose Us

1. Web-based Accessibility

1. Full Web-based Accessibility

As our visitor sign in system is based on a web-based management portal platform, it provides you the option of being able to remotely access the visitor management administration interface from any internet connected mobile device. This allows you to monitor in real time visitor movement in and out of the school building and see:

1. See who is on your premises at any given point in time, by monitoring the check-in and check-out movement
2. Get Real-time SMS alert notification of suspicious visitors who overstayed beyond their scheduled appointed time
3. Account for all the visitors in the school premises in the event of an emergency evacuation scenario, such as during a power outage.

For accountability purposes, the web-based system which is easily accessible is also able to perform a comprehensive range of other functions such as:

1. Run a report to tabulate the information such as a total number of hours worked by volunteers
2. Visitor List and headcount in the building
3. History of visitor records for the past 6 months
4. Management of Visitor Appointment schedule
2. Emergency Management

2. Alert notification feature for Emergency Management

When you invest in a school visitor management system (VMS), you are able to leverage the security solutions to immediately alert you and the relevant security staff in a timely manner via instant SMS text notifications. This helps to improve emergency responsiveness during situations such as

1. Scenarios where an unauthorized intruder has gained entry into the building.
2. incident of an intrusion by a sex offender,
3. Volatile situation of an angry parent with restraining order entering school
3. Management of Volunteers & Vendors

3. Volunteer & Vendor Movement Management

It is common theses days for schools and educational institutions to have visitors who need to come in and out of your facilities on a regular basis for an extended period of time. This includes visitors such as Parent volunteers, Alumni helpers as well as 3rd party contractor and Maintenance services provider who all need to be properly identified and tracked, to ensure the safety of students, staff, and assets within the school organization. With a school visitor management system, you will be able to more effectively manage the identification, coordination, and tracking of your volunteers and vendors entry and exit movement in and out of the school more effectively.

Use of Visitor photo ID badge for Regular Visitors

Due to the typically high frequency of volunteer visit, and a high number of volunteer head count coming into a facility for voluntary activities, the use of a wearable photo ID badge or RFID-based Key fob is recommended, in order to streamline the check-in process for frequent visitors. This also means that after their enrollment into the visitor management system during the first initial visit, they can simply check-in using the volunteer Photo ID badge for all their subsequent visits. This can help to save money in the long run by avoiding the relatively high cost of implementing a single-use self-expiring visitor ID sticker tag pass, which involves the printing on a new piece of self-adhesive sticker tag every time they come to volunteer at your location. In addition, an added benefit of a volunteer ID badge is that it can be programmed to contain more detailed information concerning the volunteers. An optional barcode functionality can also be used to provide a customized level of access control permission within the school premises.

4. Unlimited User Account

4. Support Unlimited Number of Users

Each deployment of the school visitor management system is able to accommodate an unlimited number of user accounts at no extra license fee. This makes the security visitor sign-in system an extremely scalable and economical solution, in terms of the number of user accounts that it can support. Enjoying a complete visitor management system implementation and security protection of your school premises has never been easier.

5. Fast & Simple Deployment

5. Quick and Easy installation for Fast Deployment

Whether it is simply a School compound or a large college campus, setting up the visitor sign in system is an extremely fast and easy process. Simply within the same day of deployment and configuring, the visitor sign-in system will be fully operational in no time.

Features & Benefits of Schools Visitor Management System

1. Safety & Security

1. Protect the Safety & Security of Students

The key advantage of a School Visitor Management System is of course first and foremost safety and security.
By ensuring that you know precisely who is in the school building premises at any given point in time and by restricting access to those without guest passes, you can prevent unauthorized intrusion attempts by illegitimate visitors.
Such systems serve as an effective deterrence to prevent incidents of crime, such as

1. Theft of school assets
2. Vandalism and Damage to school facilities
3. Physical assault of students

By having an effective means of preventing visitors with no valid reason or parental permission from gaining entry into the school it helps to keep making the school environment a much safer place for the students and provides peace of mind for parents.

2. Visitor Self Service Capability

2. Visitor Management Automation

At the same time though, a school visitor management system can also help to improve the overall visitor service level by allowing guests to use the school visitor management system in the form of a self-service standalone kiosk to register themselves. In addition, you are also able to keep tabs on your reception area through webcams.
The convenience of having a self-registration check-in process tech functionality not only helps to create a positive visiting experience for anyone who comes to visit your school but it also helps to reduce the dependency on your front desk, company administrative staff.
This allows you to allocate more school staffing resources to focus their job more on what really matters: the students.

3. Instant Screening for Blacklisted Visitors

3. Instantaneous Visitor Screening against Database Record of Banned Visitors

Each and Every personal identity data that is provided by the visitor is automatically screened against an internal registry database of blacklisted visitors in the visitor management module. In the event that a visitor’s identity information positively matches with a record in the database of banned visitors, the visitor will be denied access to the school premises. At the same time, an alert notification will be sent to the relevant staff. Reasons for denial of entry to blacklisted visitors can be due to a broad range of reasons, such as

1. Parents and Guardians who have legal restraining orders enforced on them
2. Visiting parent who is bounded by legal agreements where they are not permitted to picking up their children from school premises.
3. Sex offender Criminal history
4. Illegal Workers from 3rd party vendor with no valid work permits

Visitor Screening against White list Database

Individuals and guardians who are picking up their children at school can also be screened through a database of the white listed visitor who is granted with the parent’s approval to pick up their children. This helps to manage and prevent any possible incidents of child abductions, or physical assault.

4. Convenient Visitor Reporting

4. Quick and Convenient Visitor Reporting

On a daily basis, all the visitor information and visit records (eg. Date, Time check-in, Time check-out, Purpose of visit) are digitally stored and archived in the internal database automatically, thereby eliminating the need for manual entry of visitor details.
As the internal database is seamlessly integrated with the visitor management software interface, visitor daily reports can be convenient, quickly and easily be generated via an efficient paperless workflow to fulfill your security needs.
Whether you are a small educational institution or a large college campus with multiple buildings to manage, our line of visitor management software can create tailored content reports based on your specific requirements to meet your needs

5. Integration with Security Systems

5. Seamless Integration with existing Legacy Security Systems

As our school visitor management system is built using a modular system platform, it is highly configurable and is able to be customized to seamlessly integrate with your existing security system to meet your exact specifications requirements.
Depending on your school site needs, our school visitor management system can be integrated with existing legacy LAN based security systems, such as

1. Staff RFID/Biometric Access control system
2. Access control Turnstile barrier system
3. Employee Time and Attendance system
4. CCTV surveillance camera system

Disadvantages of Visitor Sign-in Books

1. No Protective Screening

1. Lack of Protective Screening Against Blacklisted Visitors

Usually, when a manual log book is used to manage and record visitor movement, security front desk staff often have to rely on their visual recognition or inefficient paper records to recognize banned visitors (such as those with restraining orders or Visitors with criminal history) More often than not, such reliance on memory and visual recognition of the front desk administrative staff is highly unreliable especially during peak periods where there is an extremely high volume of incoming visiting traffic

2. False Sense of Protection

2. False Sense of Security Protection

Conventional Paper-based visitor log books often create a false sense of protection and are often perceived by security management as an affordable and simple visitor management solution that gets the job done. This cannot be further from the truth, as this lack of understanding often leads to school being exposed to huge security vulnerability which they are often unaware of. Please do not wait until there is a security intrusion before deciding to implement a visitor sign in system, it will be too late by then.

3. Inefficient Visitor Report Generation

3. Unproductive Report Generation of Visitor History

Every time a visitor report has to be generated, the data from the manually handwritten visitor entries have to be manually extracted line by line and reentered into the visitor management software. This is an extremely laborious administrative process which is both time-consuming and inaccurate. The situation is often made worse by fuzzy handwriting entries which are illegible, incomplete and unverifiable.

4. Illegible Handwritten Visitor Entries

4. Handwritten Visitor Records that is Illegible & Unreliable

Handwritten visitor entries on visitor paper sign-in sheets are often filled with incomplete information or unreadable manual handwritten entries. This effectively renders the school’s visitor records unreliable. Plus tracking back the visit historical records can be a huge challenge. In short, a Paper-based visitor log books simply don’t offer any level of security protection to keep your school premises safe from illegitimate entry.

5. Unverifiable Visitor Information

5. Unverifiable and Possibly False Visitor Information

Manual screening of visitors coming into school facility premises typically involves getting the visitors to fill up a paper visitor sign-in log book or form, to provide basic information such as 1. Name, 2. NRIC, 3. The purpose of Visit, 4. Time of arrival & Time of departure. The main flaw which such a method of visitor management is that absolutely none of the information provided by the visitor is verifiable as true. In fact, a potential illegitimate trespasser could easily bypass the front desk receptionist by simply providing falsified information. Such an inefficient checking of every visitor actually end up screening none of the visitors entering the premises. It is definitely not a feasible solution at all on a long term basis. In fact, the lack of a visitor management system presents a very severe security loophole that can be easily taken advantage of.

What is a School Visitor Management System (VMS)?

What is a School Visitor Management System (VMS)?

A VMS is a system compromised of various different tools and services, all designed to give you more control and awareness over who is inside your business at any given time. At the same time, it also includes ‘access management’ so that you can assign levels of access to different members of staff and even visitors. There are several components that make up a VMS system. The solution provided by [BUSINESS] utilizes:

– A webcam
– Biometric fingerprint reader
– Barcard scanner
– Thermal printer for self-expiring label pass
– Desktop computer software
– Visitor management software
– Self-help kiosk for visitor self-registration

Using these integrated systems, your school can then provide new visitors with guest passes that they can use to swipe through terminals and gain access to the building. This means you will be able to keep tabs on precisely who is in the building at any given time. Biometric information ensures that all guests provide accurate details, while the smart thermal technology ensures that the same cards can’t be used repeatedly. From there, it is up the school management to decide how they want to handle visitors. You can now choose precisely which areas of the building will be off-limits to visitors, or decide if you want guests to be able to serve themselves using the kiosks.

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