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Reception Visitor Management System

Reception Visitor Management System by VMS Singapore can then be used to provide an effective visitor registration process and a monitored access control of visitor visit movement. This visitor management system also helps to protect employees at work from any potential risk and threats of dangers from unauthorized intrusion into the building.

On a daily basis, from a security point of view, companies and businesses are constantly vulnerable and get exposed all the time to security threats, such as intrusion by outsiders who might be potential criminals. Because of this, ensuring the safety and security of your employees, service staff man power, customer, and tenants in your office building is a top most priority for any businesses organizations and governmental institutions. At the end of the day, to ensure the safety and security of your people, product assets, and other physical installations in the location of your Building facilities, a lobby visitor management system and its products serves as an effective first line of security defense for your business by preventing unauthorized access.

Types of Visitor Badges Pass

Types of Visitor Badges Pass Available

1. Standard Visitor Badges Passes

Available as a printed PVC cards, these visitor badge passes are not unique to each visitor. Usually, such visitor badge product solution simply has the word ‘visitor’ printed on them, enabling for a basic form of visitor identification. While this type of visitor badge is relatively affordable, the downside is that it offers relatively less security as the visitor badges can easily be replicated and abused.

2. Disposable Printed Visitor Label

This visitor label comes in the form of a single use self-adhesive paper which can be printed quickly using a compatible visitor label printer. Base on your visitor management needs, the visitor label badge can be customized to include specific visitor personal information such as visitor name, visitor organization, and a photograph of the visitor face using the visitor management software application module. In addition, the visitor label can also be personalized to include your company corporate branding, health, and safety policy information and any specific visitor instructions. This type of visitor label can function as a secure form of photo identification, which helps employees to make quick and easy visual identification of visitors while they are on the building premises. Handwritten Paper Passes Alternatively, if preferred, the visitor self-adhesive visitor label passes can also be manually completed by visitors themselves. This helps to provide an effective, yet cost efficient method of managing a large volume of visitors on a daily basis.

3. Plastic ID Badge Cards

PVC plastic Visitor Badge card is a cost effective and an ideal solution for businesses where the visitors need to use the visitor badge card for a prolonged length of time, or when there is a high frequency of visit. This helps to streamline the visitor check in process by eliminating unproductive administration work. For example, a 3rd party service contractor involved on a building construction project for several months may be individually issued with a plastic photo ID card. Usually, such PVC identity Badge Cards are issued with a badge card holder and color coded lanyard (to identify visitor type, eg. Customer, Contractor, Supplier, Temporary Staff), so that it can be worn around the visitor’s neck for clear visual identification by the security staff and employees within the building. Other miscellaneous information that the visitor badge can contain includes 1. Visitor Name, 2. Visitor Age, 3. Period of Validity of the Badge, Health and safety policy (usually printed on the back of the visitor badge).


1. Electronic Visitor Management System

1. Electronic Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

2. Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

3. Visitor Management Software

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Reception Visitor Management System

1. Guard Against Risk of Intrusion

2. Badge As a Form of Visual Identification

2. Badge As a Form of Visual Identification

3. Customizable Visitor Management Solution

3. Customizable Visitor Management Solution

4. Accurate Visitor Visit Records

4. Accurate Visitor Visit Records

Features & Benefits of Reception Visitor Management System 

1. Guard Against Risk of Intrusion

1. Safe Guard Against and Deter Security Risks of Unauthorized Intrusion

A professionally implemented visitor management system has a range of useful features that can be very effective in helping you to support, manage and establish a high level of access security within your organization by reducing security risks such as

1. Disruptions in your daily business and product operations due to unexpected intruders
2. Theft of company assets and propriety systems and process information
3. Vandalism, intentional sabotage of building property
2. Badge As a Form of Visual Identification

2. Visitor Badge Pass As a Form of Visual Identification

Issuing each and every visitor at the reception with a personal visitor badge pass card which is to be worn and displayed on them at all times, ensures that authorized and genuine visitors are visibly identifiable while they are moving around within the building facility.

Easy Identification of Intruders Visitors

In the event that an unauthorized visitor managed to gain entry and enter into the building facility, the unauthorized visitor can easily be identified by the security guards using the security CCTV surveillance camera system. This easy visual identification allows visitors who do not have the proper visitor badge to be stopped and be asked to leave the premises where appropriate.

3. Customizable Visitor Management Solution

3. Customizable Visitor Management System Solution

Depending on your visitor management system needs and various factors, such as the average number of daily visitors traffic, size of your building site, security policies and budget, our visitor management system solutions by VMS Singapore can be configured to suit your unique security needs and technical job requirements.

4. Accurate Visitor Visit Records

4. Accurate Audit Trail & Evidence Grade Visitor Visit Records

From a security standpoint, a Visitor check in records and visitor visit and register log report plays a key central role in ensuring the safety and security of your individual employees on your building site. With a VMS visitor management services solution implemented, it helps to ensure that all Visitor details and visit logs are constantly kept current, easy to search, and the web accessible to ensure data accuracy.

Assist in Criminal Investigation

If a security incident occurred on the building facility, detailed historical visitor records can be vital in helping to eliminate possible suspects from a criminal investigation. This is because, with a comprehensive visitor visit log record on print in an actual report, it provides an evidence grade audit trail which is able to tell you exactly who is in the building premises at any specific point in time. Assist in Security Building Evacuation A real time visitor visit records maintained by the visitor management system can also provide an up to date fire evacuation name list. This can help you in an emergency roll call procedures to ensure that all for visitors and employees have all been fully evacuated from your building site should an emergency arise.

Overview of Visitor Management Workflow

Overview of Visitor Management Workflow

1. Upon Visitor Arrival

Note that it is important for side and back entrances door to be kept secured. This is to ensure sure that all individual visitors are made to report to the front desk upon arrival to verify their identity. This helps to provide a reliable way of accounting access of all visitors in the building premises.

2. During the Visit on the Premises

Once the appropriate identity checks have been completed, the visitors will be issued with a visitor identification badge card and a color coded lanyard which is to be worn at all times so as to grant the visitor entry authorization into the building facility. The visitor badge pass should be displayed on them at all times as it helps staff and students to visually differentiate genuine visitors from unauthorized individuals, thus helping to increase building site security.

3. Upon Visitor Departure

Prior to a visitor departure from the building facility, all visitors will be required to report to the reception to sign-out and return their visitor pass. This allows front desk staff to maintain an accurate visitor record, prevents badges from being misused and prevents any unauthorized removal from the premises. With the above visitor sign in and sign-out workflow, you will be able to make sure that all authorized visitors are visually identifiable while they move around within your building facility. At the same time, it also ensures that any unauthorized individuals can immediately be identified and dealt with appropriately, thereby helping to enhance your building site security.

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